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Repairing a record player turntable? Answered

I just bought a record player, and the turntable (round plastic bit) is warped from the previous owner. Is there an easy fix for this, or should I just buy the new turntable?


I doubt it is fixable, but what do you have to loose by trying? Remove the platter from the player and heat it up slowly while it is sitting upside down on a hot flat surface. Then let it cool before picking it up for installing it back. The problem will be... most cheapy record players have a motor that rides on the INNER surface of the platter. If that is warped then the record may spin oddly and make the music "uneven".

.  +1. Probably won't work (as lemonie says, it may even make it worse), but worth a try. Might help to put a little weight on the high spots when heating.
.  You might get a more knowledgeable answer at a site aimed at stereo buffs.

In practical terms impossible. Your records will be effected by even moderate warp. Of course it may depend on what sort of music your listening to as to whether you notice!

Making a new turntable on the existing mechanics may be possible - It's not a complicated mechanism in general.

I doubt you could restore that. Heating it up would warp it differently.