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Repeating Musical Greeting Card? Answered

Hello all,

 I have purchased an inexpensive musical greeting card that plays a song for 20 seconds and then stops. What I am trying to figure out is if there is a way to put a 555 timer on this thing that will send a pulse to repeat the song at 15 seconds. Basically, make it so that the card will repeat the song forever at 15 seconds so that you don't hear the fade out of the song for the last 5 seconds.

 Can this be done and if so how?

Many thanks!!!



Does the card stop if you close the card early???

If so then use this circuit and add a transistor on the output to turn the card on and off. 

The card is turned on by a switch built into the card that turns on when you open the front.  Connect to that switch to turn the card on and off.

When the timer output is high the card is on so set the timer to output high for 15 seconds with .5-1 second low to reset the card.

Thank you so much Re-design! By the way, would you know off the top of your head the configuration I would need to use to achieve the 15 second - .5-1 reset?

The card does have a contact switch where a piece of plastic goes in between the contacts to shut it off.