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Repeating Shotpistol Answered

So it's been forever since I've posted anything. Here's something I was working on. At first I was just trying to remake my DERP pistol into something actually post-worthy, but the magazines were being finicky without a decent mag lock. I figure I like my Oodassault 3 better, I'll probably remake the 9 and make that post-worthy instead (getting people interested in K'nex guns elsewhere, but I don't have decent instructions for the 3.7 or 3.8). However, I really liked the base of the gun with the body and trigger so I decided to give this concept I had going for a while on compacting my shotgun a go. I'm sure people have had a similar idea, but I haven't seen one posted yet, so here's mine.

So the idea is that I have a part similar to the pin on my last shotgun, except I've shortened it an turned it into an energy transfer for a normal firing pin. That way you can still disperse the energy across three separate bullets but now the design can be much stronger in a smaller package. Other than that, the only real features are the sliding trigger adapted for this body and a pin lock that's incredibly simple again for this body. I liked those two things, so I'll probably try to find a use for them elsewhere as it allows for a compact weapon. The only problem with this gun is that, well first the internal barrel is kinda crude because I changed only the front but couldn't be bothered to fix the middle after. Then I couldn't be bothered to make a good front magazine wall, so it's too low and the ammo shoots at a downward angle. So, if someone wants to take the concept and improve it, go for it. Else, just let it be known that I'm still alive.


Meh, I'll just revive this topic. I decided I'd give this concept another shot by modifying my Oodassault pistol and using white rods instead. Well, it failed in two ways. First off, I shouldn't hook the band directly to the shotpin part because it snapped yet another yellow connector (damn, I hate breaking those!) Then rods simply don't like to feed side by side so you get very unreliable feeding. Maybe it'd be a tad better if you used longer rods, I don't know, I think I'll stick to connectors though. Tis a shame, it would've made a real nice weapon in my opinion. Just needs a little more tweaking, but I don't have the patience. Again, if someone else wants to take the concept and make it practical, go for it.


its a better to make a multibarreld drum repeater (1 snowflake on an axle= 1 barrel)

Busy, busy, busy week. Even when I'm almost 100% certain I'm not going to be doing anything, someone shows up and gives me something to do. Well, today I shouldn't be doing anything after 4ish, but I could be wrong. If I'm not doing anything, though, I'm giving the DERPZ (DERP remake) another shot. I really want something that works that I can show off around to my friends again. I was thinking I might just end up building an oodassault 3 if this doesn't work out just so I have something strong. I still have plans for improving the shotgun concept too, no worries.

Very Good Dunkis!

Hey, sorry, peoples. Been busy all last week and I'll probably be busy this week. I built this thing last Tuesday because I had nothing better to do that night, but I'm going to be busy all today. I do plan on getting to my improved version of this concept soon. If I don't, I'll at least get internals for this soon.

Alright, scratch that, I think I'm pretty much being ditched at the moment so until I figure that out, I'm gonna build. I got an internals picture and will add notes where necessary.

Thank you for adding internal pics. I might attempt an oodammo pistol with this gun.

Good luck. I tried to remake the DERP and it didn't turn out. If you can find something that works, awesome. I like the base so much but I just can't find a stupid magazine to work with it. >_<

Your mission now, should you choose to accept it, is to make a huge repeating shot-loaded cannon. Or actually, think you could possibly make one that's crank actuated? It probably wouldn't be too hard, just have a chain that catches the band when it comes around and lets go at the very back. If you feel up to the challenge, make it have two barrels but one chain so that it's always charging one barrel while it fires the other one for a faster RoF without sacrificing power. You really need to get into weapons again. =P

That sounds like a nice, simple project :-p

Perhaps I'll try the chain thing. Chain cant take much weight before letting go though, I might have to use a few in a row.

Or I might just make another huge cannon... I'm not terribly good with small-scale stuff :-)

Yeah, perhaps, if you can come up with a stronger chain than the actual K'nex chain pieces. Otherwise I'm just as interested in a shotcannon as well. I look forward to anything you build that fires. =P

Alright, any suggestions on what I should make next? I'll be hanging out with friends all day tomorrow, but Thursday I'll probably be pretty open and I'm in a building mood. If nothing, I'll default to remaking the 3.9 and seeing if that can be improved. Actually, I think I just got an idea... Yeah, I think I know how I can make that undermount pump action shotgun using this concept and my first oodassault with the slide. It'd be very compact and pretty easy to add to most weapons I would think. We'll see how it goes.

small machine gun without chain? is it even possible?

Yes it is, I have an idea for a fully automatic but I need a certain mech first so I'm waiting for someone to help make an efficient one.

i am working on one but it only goes one foot so far!


i don't have the right pieces :(

Take off the first layer of this maybe so we can see, I'm not quite sure how the transfer mech works ATM, or make a a bolt-action gun. That is my next project. See who's turns out better maybe?

Alright, I'll get internals of this gun later. The energy transfer is just a yellow connector with white rod that goes into the barrel to keep it steady. Really, it could be anything as long as a pin hits something wide enough to hit all of the shot but would still be contained inside the gun.

In the event my new shotgun weapon idea works, this will pretty much be obsolete anyways, but I'll get pictures just in case.

Niice. I love it!

What does this fire? I've seen your original shotgun but don't know if this has the same ammo?

Kind of reminds me of zak's turret bow mech a bit. Nice one. I love it.

very cool, could you post pics of the internals, i would ask for instructions but you sound busy and i dont want to bother you

Well, I wouldn't post instructions because the gun itself isn't optimal. I just wanted to throw the concept out there. I'll get internals then. But yeah, college life isn't exactly the most carefree. Like, there are literally no times I know when I'm entirely available to build. My best guess at the moment is on Tuesdays, because I built this then, but I don't know about next week. Really, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days I don't work or have many classes, but whether one of my friends comes into town or not determines if I'm busy or not.

thats fine, pictures of the internals would be great! sorry, i didnt realize that you are in college.

Haha it's a safe assumption that most people aren't in college, because it's a kid's toy and blah blah. Unlike most people, I couldn't shake the hobby just because I had work or a social life. It's like they want attention for it or something. Or they are just that insecure. Meh, anywho, yeah, I'll get pictures when I find the time to rip it apart and try my improved concept. Perhaps I can bring my K'nex home over the weekend, I find myself dead bored on the weekends now since the friend that used to hang out then is now working most of the time.


6 years ago


Don't know, I only tested to see if it fired reliably, which is iffy at the moment because of the mag wall problem. But it's decent for what I have. If you were to actually use some bands, it'd function perfectly as a close range weapon.

Ok. i may consider building

Well, at least improve the front mag wall somehow, or else just use the concept in your own weapon if you want. My build needs improving, though. And then I'll probably be making a better one next week.

Ok, sounds good, i make it ASAP.


6 years ago

Nice and compact, I like it.

Many thanks, man. And I turned out to be busy with a friend today after all so I couldn't work on it, but I think I can make something even more compact.

Looks pretty spiffy. Is the energy transfer similar to the NAR idea?

I guess essentially it is. I never built the NAR nor looked at the instructions for it so I'm not sure how this compares.