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Replacing laptop key Answered

Hi, I have what can only be described as a "no-name" laptop sitting in the bottom of a drawer. Among other things it has a missing "G" key. The problem is I have absolutely no clue how to replace the key - I'm not going to pay for a whole new keyboard and the key + "springy bit" is long since gone. The only branding I can find is "Clevo M300N". I was hoping to buy a broken laptop and cannibalise it (there are other hardware issues, but the keyboard is driving me nuts) Can anyone give me a shove in the right direction here? (Sorry for rambling) Edit: UPDATE - I found the key, all I need now is some kind of spring or membrane to fix it right up!


I would definitely check out www.laptop-keys.com for a key. They're pretty cheap and have a good selection. Cheers!

Here we go.


. Looks to me like the switch is OK. I think all you need is a keycap that will fit on the four white posts. And maybe a light gauge spring.

I'm guessing that I can't use a desktop keyboard's key to fit that, so is it a case of Clevo keyboard or nothing? I'm in Australia so the US eBay stuff would be tricky & costly. Thanks for the advice. The little circle is the "switch"? I was still thinking of switches in terms of the ones you flick from on to off (sorry, I'm feeling very newbish & out of my depth). It isn't electrically activated so if worst comes to worst I could cut a key to fit I guess >.

> so is it a case of Clevo keyboard or nothing? . Not sure. I've never seen the four-post design before (haven't dealt with many laptops). . > The little circle is the "switch"? . Yes. . . You may require a keycap with a conductive pad on the bottom to short between the center dot and the outer circle. If you press on the dot and it makes a "pop," you probably don't need the pad.

It doesn't seem to need to be shorted - the plasic on the end of a pen or the wooden end of a pencil works just fine to press the key.

OMG I was searching on Australian eBay and not finding anything useful, but US eBay might be an option depending on postage costs. NachoMahma, thanks for the idea, but I think it's the switch as well. Here's the keyboard from the stock photo, I'll try and get some actual photos up ASAP. If I was being really creative, I guess I could build a new switch (is that what you call the "springy bit"?) - the key is triggered by a pressure sensitive pad below the actual plastic key --- again, I'll get photos up ASAP.


I've always found Ebay invaluable for problems like this. A number of Clevo keyboards and keys are available for as little as $2US.

. If it's just the keycap that's missing and not the actual switch, you should be able to rob one off of a junk keyboard.

How about a picture of it then? L