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Replacing the CPU on a laptop to a Dual-Core? Answered

I recently downloaded Call of Duty: Black Ops, but there seem to be some problems. My CPU simply isn't powerful enough run it.

Price is no option, all I need to know Is whether or not it is even possible to replace the CPU of a laptop. Any recommendations for a dual-core processor, and/or help installing it would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT 1: Dayum, that's a lot of suggestions... but very helpful nonetheless. After careful consideration (and some extra cash) I believe an Alienware shopping spree is in order. Thanks everybody :)



Best Answer 6 years ago

Another common problem with games and cheap or small laptops is RAM. Basically:
RAM: Cheap and almost always easily DIY upgradable.
CPU: Expensive, unlikely to be easily replaced if at all.
Graphics: Forget about it. The GPU is built into the motherboard except on high end laptops.

Head over to http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/intro.aspx and find out exactly what is falling short in your system.

i replaced the amd t50 in my acer 5517 with a dual core t64 for 35 bucks off of ebay, so go for it.


If price is no option, maybe looking for a new laptop is better :) you can get a good one that will run most everything for $400-500 ish (higher end)
Check on craigslist and ebay too.


6 years ago

There could be an issue with what the generation of the processor is. You can only replace it if it has the same pin count and configuration. If it is removable then it has to be replaced with the same type. So you are limited to the fastest that was available for that processor type when the board was built. For example you can't replace a socket 754 AMD with a 939. It just won't fit. If you can find the spec's for the board it should tell you what it can have for a configuration.

As far as actually replacing the processor, that is not to difficult. Its harder than for a desktop because usually you have to dismantle a lot to get it open. I just re seated the processor in one and once I got it open it was an easy job to remove the CPU and put it back in. Just be sure to use good thermal paste. If money is not a problem then maybe you should just get a good gaming notebook.

You can try one of these.

Or you could build a similar, desktop for less and spend the difference on a netbook or tablet, if you don't tend to game while you travel.

Usually it is possible to do, but occasionally in very small or cheap laptops the processor is soldered directly to the board.

If the laptop was not designed for gaming, chances are changing the CPU will not help much as games need a reasonable amount of graphics processing power which cannot be upgraded at a reasonable price.

What are the current specifications of the laptop? (the free CPU-Z program will give you full details)