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Replica Ideas Anybody? Answered

After my 4 guns all being replicas, I need ideas for more possible replicas to well, replicate. Looking for things that range in size between pistol and full length rifle. Gun will be credited for the idea so comment Please and Ty! PS, if you have a picture, that would be cool, if not, IDK!



8 years ago

any of these...


not to necro or offend you, but the one below the mp7 is an airsoft gun

Big Z

9 years ago

Definitely some sort of revolver. that would be really cool.

Ooh! Ooh! I take it back, make a Springfield M1903! Bolt Action would be tough but I think it's possible.


for a bolt action all u do is add a handle to the firing rod and its a bolt action! ;~)

but you have to push the bolt back after you have put the ammo in!

yah, but is technicly is a bolt action gun then:~)

Alright I'll take on that challenge. I'm not sure what rifle I'll be doing but I can tell you it'll be the first of its kind.

im working on a bolt action system but it dosent shoot, but it can still be moved up and out then back in,

try an m1 garand? A Kar98k? Springfield? (I've played CoD3 recently)

i always wanted a PTRS

trauts, if you would PLEASE PLEASE make a famas with the bull-pup mag, i would tell everyone i know to sub and to rate and to fave!

I might give it a shot XP

M200!!!!!!!!!!!! my version failed...

how about an m1a1 abrams tank with tracks, motor, and a working cannon that all look scale together

cool, but i would have liked chain links instead.

if u want to make a pistol make a sigp2o22 or a h&k compact p2000 or a sigpro or a glock g36 or a glock sub-compact to see these type in red guns on google images :-D

or a ak-47u

if your interrested in world war to guns i think you should make a m1 garand or m1carbine

definately the famas tho if therewas a way to make a even slightly functional one that would be unique (as it is bull pup?)

A m14 wood be awsum. Or a bazooka that shoots like 5 or 6 weels on a rod like a misle

what about a replica pistol like the desert eagle

Or a st44 ( sterngrhewer44) also german it wood also b cool if u made a pump action rifle.

I already made one. It's not the best and I was thinking about making a better one but we do have one.

i wood like 2 c u make a gwerher(german gun) or a top slide back action m1911 pistol (couldnt find pictuers.)

make a barrett m107