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Replicas? Answered

Ok, so I decided to dabble in the art of replicating recently. However, I dont really know what gun I should replicate.

What I know for sure:
  • I dont want to replicate a gun that has been done a million times, like an AK-47 or an M4 Carbine.
  • I dont want to do huge replicas that use too many parts
  • The guns I will replicate are not limited to just real life, I will also do guns from video games
  • No pistols. Most pistol replicas are just TDS copies with cosmetic mods.
  • Post a picture of whatever gun you think fits these requirements

I was considering doing either the Halo sniper rifle, or the FAMAS. If anyone else has a suggestion, Im open.


H&K; SL9, or a Beretta Storm 500.

no it isnt, its a real gun, and it has a diff number.

H&K; SL9 is under consideration.

Ok, I thought the Beretta would be more suited to your lack of pieces.

It would use less parts, but the design seems awkward because of all its curves.

True, it may be a good design to fit a true BA mech into. I may try building it around my ZKAR bolt-action mod.

Looks really nice... I want to make one lol!

I am making one in my usual style. Like a newer version of.

Too close to steampunk for my liking!

How about you read up on guns before you make your silly little comments.

Yeah, that one is under consideration.

Would K'NEX work for a mortar?

If you are talking about a giant cannon, thats been done several times.

No, a mortar is a weapon that fires the shells that are dropped in the muzzle.

You'd need to build a trigger that releases when the projectile slides down the barrel from the front and lands at the back.

Check this video, after about a minute.

How about an actual ar-4 commando? You know, from goldeneye? Thats right, i have the game!

I might want to try the longbow SR. the AR-4 series I am running has that name because I couldnt think of a decent original name. However, the AR-4 v2 operates exactly like you operate the one in the game.

Well, Im talking about in the sense of reloading and stuff.

Hehe lets see if you can make this!


I know how, but I dont have the right parts. This obviously needs ball joints, pulleys, parts that I dont have.

For my next gun, I was thinking either a Halo sniper rifle, or some non replica gun

FireStorm sniper pics are up now. also how about a good needler replica I have a few ideas.

Good luck. To make good replicas you need alot of parts.

rocket launcher from an unreal game (like unreal tournament or anything else in that series, not like not real)

Hey DJ, 98% of the teenage population would die if Twilight said breathing wasn't cool. Are you one of the 2% that would simply laugh your arse off? I know I am.

How about this grenade launcher. "belt fed automatic grenade launcher"


Oh yeah and it's an XM307 ACSW Advanced Crew-Served Weapon.
P.S. You don't have to. this might count as too big.

Lol, but I have bad news. I ran out of green rods, I have enough of everything else, just ran out of greens. Im gonna try to get more knex later.

Just make it 3 thick then.