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Report Hannover Maker Faire: Euro I'bles! Answered

Not in the pictures but most definitely there: Drbakker, Admiral Aaron Ravensdale

August 3rd 2013, Hannover, Germany.  This is First German Maker Faire Day! Beautiful weather, a wonderful park and an extremely hot conference hall. Thousands of visitors and a great Maker atmosphere. The pics tell more than I can write, but:

Meeting I'blers in real life is really a wonderful thing. Just for that, a visit to any Maker Faire is worth the trip (ask janw, he took a 7 hour drive to get to Hannover!) During events like a Maker Faire, it becomes very clear to me that being a Maker is much more than just posting projects. It's about sharing and being genuinely interested in what people do and their drive to do it. It was really a joy to get to know the people behind all the great projects I'm so familiar with.

If you live in Northern Europe (or willing to take a plane to get there :-), write down these dates:
September 7 and 8: Maker Faire Kerkrade, NL
October 12th: Maker Faire Groningen, NL (Call for Makers is still open!)




Dave A

5 years ago

Nice, looks good! I hope I can make it to Kerkrade or Groningen to get in the row with my Instructable shirt. Last week I was at the OHM2013 festival (observe,hack, make hackersfestival) with our new mobile fablab "De Kaasfabriek" from Alkmaar. There was another guy with the shirt to and Met some nice makers, fablabbers and hackerspace people from various countries there to. Would love to meet you in the future too!

Hey Dave, drop me a line when you go to places. I'd like to meet you!

I will for sure do,that, Ynze. Kerkrade I'm afraid I won't make. We will have our official opening with the fablab that weekend, I just realized,.But Groningen would be nice.


5 years ago

some of the pictures we took.


Ah, now we have Admiral Aaron Ravensdale's image too :-)

I found his picture between the loads of pictures my friend Jeroen made.

I'll be in Kerkrade for sure! Meet you there!

I'll be there too

Aargh! I was just typing a message, with as last sentence: Are you going to Kerkrade? :)

Oh, looks awesome!

Hi, here are some pictures Matthias took (btw. thanks, that you've managed to snap a picture of him). It was a great day! I really hope, that I can manage to come to Groningen and bring some of my own stuff.