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Reporting someone? Answered

Not sure where this should go but I've looked and couldn't find anywhere more suited. I'd like to report two user's as I believe they are either the same person or one has stolen from the other. The specific intsructables I am on about are here:

You will notice they both have the same idea, as well as the reel of blue tape is the same and so is the surface on which the photos were taken, and of course they were both submitted on the same day. I flagged both of them as spam (now I think about it maybe 'inappropriate' would have been more appropriate), but I'm sure this will just be ignored once whoever checks them find nowt wrong with the individual instructables (I don't think just one person would look through them all).

Is there perhaps a moderator or admin that I can send a message to?


I wish there was a way to report somebody's avatar.

Just PM somebody on the "about" page. (Who has an inappropriate avatar?)

The Ran's avatar says "I'm a F***ing Star" Just thinking that that might not be the most family friendly phrase.

Good point - I hadn't actually read it.

At the bottom of every I'bles Web page, you'll find an About link, which lists the staff. You can contact one of them by e-mail (PM). You can also use the Flag option on an I'ble, as you have done. Rest assured that the staff really does review anything flagged as inappropriate or as spam.