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Repositioning a basement toilet. Answered

 We have a basement 1/2 bath, and the toilet was roughed in in 1979 when the house was built.  For some reason the water lines were run on an exterior wall, so we have to shut off the water to the bathroom every winter.  I would like to redo the bath and move the water lines off of the exterior wall, but to do so I would need to turn the toilet 90 degrees.  Is this possible?  I specifically wanted to know if the bolts that are holding my toilet to the floor would be repositionable (as in are they set in the concrete?) because if they aren't it would prevent me from turning the toilet, I would assume.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can totally turn it!  Take the nuts off the two bolts holding the toilet down and pull the toilet up.  Scrape all the wax off and what you will see is a round part that is holding in the two bolts.  The bolts fit into grooves on the round part.  Chances are you will be able to slide the bolts and turn the toilet.  If not, you can buy an insert to go over top of it.

Remember to use a new wax ring.

Turning it 90 degrees might place it too close to the wall.  If that isn't a problem,  more than likely you find that the flange has options for different bolt placement.

Do you really need to re-position toilet to accomodate moving water line to interior wall?  A little clever but unobtrusive plumbing could solve this problem.