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Reprogramming MaKey MaKey on different OS'es Answered

EDIT: Thanks to Jay Silver and the Joylabz team for coming up with http://makeymakey.com/remap/

This can be used in beta/v1.2 MaKey MaKeys, but older MaKey MaKeys still need to be reprogrammed using Arduino IDE. On that note, any help here is appreciated but this may not be as high a priority since Joylabz is switching how they do things.

Hey, all. With the upcoming MaKey MaKey Build Night in January, I wanted to post an open invite for more reprogramming tutorials.

Mac is officially supported by Joylabz, and there is already a general Windows and Mac reprogramming tutorial out in the wild.

There is also a tutorial each for one version of Ubuntu, Windows 8, and iPad.

Looking for a better Windows 8 tutorial, Windows 8.1, RaspberryPi, Android devices, and anything else.

Here's a P2PU course with more info:


Thanks for any help out there!


If you want someone checking it, why not post it here?

Thanks for the reply. Where are you suggesting I post this? I appreciate your help, sorry if I have missed something. I am a little confused about what you mean, however. Thanks!

It might be good in the electronics section.

I think if you post here in a good way and ask for feedback on the instructions you should be able to adjust the Instructable accordingly until everyone tells you it is perfect.

Nothing works better to get it right than feedback from those who try to follow instructions.

I see! Great idea. FYI, Joylabz is trying to port over to an easy web remapper which takes care of a lot of this for the newer MaKeys. However, these will still be useful for those with older MaKeys. I agree, I would like to get some Instructables versions over here and look for feedback from there. Great reply, thanks a lot!!

I originally posted in "Burning Questions" to get help making the Instructables in the first place, but I'll see how this goes. It might even fizzle out in light of what Jay Silver from Joylabz posted for us above. Thanks again for all the help.

Did you mean to post the reprogramming tutorials at Instructables? That'd be great and I am looking at porting what I can over but I could use some help. The issue is that there are small but confusing extra steps for some operating systems that seem to be tripping up some users. Right now, the tutorials out there are dispersed between different websites and the P2PU course was created for a creative learning community. It'd be awesome to see tight and clean Instructables versions for the major operating systems, which is why I posted. Does that make sense?

It's still in beta until the next version, but I believe you received Makey Makey v1.2 a small update that moves programming directly to the webpage. Just follow the directions here (if your board says v1.2 or higher on the back)

WHOA! Yeah, I just saw this on the forums.. Thanks Jay!!

I imagine the Build Nights will be 1.2, then.. I still have previous models and it won't work with mine. Can you still reprogram using Arduino sketches as well for v1.2, or does this eliminate that? Thanks again!

Good question. We wanted to have it all, but it turned out to be one or the other. We found we has a ratio of at least 20 to 1 customers who want to remap keys only vs. want to actually reprogram the basic functionality. So we really didn't need the Arduino functionality. Going forward I think we will manufacture with direct web remapping. People seem to love it.

Great to hear! Thanks for this info. I hope it's OK, but I'm going to try and make sure those 1/20 especially with older MaKeys have resources for reprogramming. Thanks again for all the help! Also, like the MaKey website says, if one wants to get too far deep into things a microcontroller like Arduino is really a better option. I'll see what i can drum up for those of us who are quirky and want to reprogram the older MaKeys.