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Repurposed Cigarette Case Answered

Kick your bad habit by re-purposing your cigarette case.  Create a sleek customized wallet that fits your money and credit cards.

This was posted on Just Something I Made another cool DIY website.


I have an old brass (or brass colored) one that would work nicely for this, except I would have to carry it "above my waist", as the wallet (leather) I have in my back pocket gets quite a "bend" to it, and wouldn't make the metal case look so good (not to mention how uncomfortable it would be to sit down).

same here but I have a cool cigarette case I bought at an antique shop. I think I might have to jazz it up.

I have never smoked, but I bought a cigarette case from a charity shop - it's great for storing and carrying my smaller kites in a pocket-safe way.