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Submit Projects that I'll Make! (UPDATED w/ Giveaway!) - Yonatan24 Answered

Request a project that I can make! 

As of now, I have around 150 project ideas waiting to be built and "Instructablized", and I was wondering if anyone else has an a project that they want me to build, since I'm always on the lookout for more awesome projects!

You can, and should submit a project that you just want to see if:

1. You have an awesome idea of a project I can make, and document as an Instructable
2. You want to see if it's possible for it to even be made
3. You don't know how to start making a project you want to make

You can submit any possible project subject, but the highest chance of me making if will be if it's related to Making My Own Tools, Woodworking, Metalworking, LED's & Electronics, Organization, Unusual Uses/Tips/Tricks/"Hacks", And Much More!

I will provide full "Step-by-Step" instructions in the Instructable.

Please keep in mind there might be some projects that I will be able to make and upload in less and a day, and some that might take weeks, because I might have to order parts & components online, which can delay the making in several weeks...

I will also be posting pictures of all sorts of junk that I find here in the comments, and I'd be happy if you could help me think of projects that I could make with them :)

BONUS: If I win in a contest with your submitted project idea, I'LL SEND YOU A FREE 1 YEAR PRO MEMBERSHIP!

(In case you came here through the forums, this Forum Topic has been linked from My Instructables Page)


Congratulations on winning LED contest! Raspberry Pi 3 is a great development tool! You can try making handheld gaming console! Great Scott! Youtuber just uploaded his two part video. If not exactly gaming console then try a PC ( I mean a laptop) Bcoz it is difficult to stuff a Rpi 3 in handheld device as compared to Rpi zero. Millionaire!! Congratulations bro for this great achievement! (Million views)


I still haven't learned how to use it, but I'm looking forward to using it! I saw Scott's video yesterday, but I'm not really interested in a gaming console. I should search for Raspberry Pi 3 projects online, I'm sure I'll find a ton of projects :)


1 year ago

REMOTE CONTROLLED LED!! Can you make them, please?

I had and idea of something similar to that, but decided not to make it, but I do have a couple LED projects coming soon...

You need a remote control relay, a power supply, and LED's. You can find all of those for pretty cheap on eBay :)

Thanks! I appreciate the information.

I just found a bunch of pretty big threaded rods! (See the picture below)

Does anyone have an idea of something that I can make that isn't a vise, clamp, CNC Machine, or Lathe? These are projects that I have either built, or are already on my list...

Preferably something useful :)


reminds me of a jig I saw for laminating snowboards. Technically, a clamp, but capable of making compound curves, iirc. Probably a zillion pounds of force. !

would you please paint my house

(It's a bit hard to understand when people are sarcastic over the internet)

if you are willing to paint my house, then I was sincere. If not, then it was a joke.


I don't know how to reply to that...

well, looking at probabilities, with 7 Billion people on earth, and 6 Million in colorado, and I don't know where you live, it is unlikely that you are within commuting distance. Therefore, the greatest likelihood (about 99.9%) is thhat I was joking. If, however, you want some incomplete robotics, ballistics, or sciency projects, and are in the area, lemme know.

If you get a bill for painting services and supplies afterwards, then the joke is on you.


2 years ago

Make a hardboard sky line model of your major city watch it change in 2020.

That sounds well... Weird... :)

I think that if I were to draw it now, and finish now, it would be really different already in the beginning of 2017. They're building tons of stuff where I live now!


I would like to inquire if you can draw a blueprint for a desk mounted eye tracking device to my specifications. Feel free to add in ideas to improve the project.



Sounds interesting. Very interesting, in fact! What are you going to use it for? :)

I downloaded Sketchup about two weeks ago, but still don't know how to use it. I'm not sure how difficult the blueprint needs to be, but if it's something really simple, a member from here might help you. If it's difficult, you might need to take it to a professional, which will probably cost.

I was going to put the link to the forums, but see now that you're already posted one...

Sorry I can't help you, but thanks for the suggestion!

A 3D printer would be awesome! There are fairly low cost kits online (my best way of wording it :)

A CNC Mill has been on my "To-Do" list for several months already. I've already planned it, but I don't have a router. I hope that one of the prizes for tthe summer woodworking contest will be a router, since I don't think my dremel would work really well.

Thanks for the suggestions!

"The Art of Procrastination" or "Why I now have 151 projects waiting to be built"?

It's been proven that procrastination is one of the traits creative people have in common (true).

There's a group I heard about years ago called "Procrastinators Anomymous". I've been wanting to join, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. (kind of true)

I wish procrastination was the biggest issue...

I see...

Not exactly...

I get more project ideas than what I can build in my free time, So I have an enormous list... Until I can go to the store and buy "time", I'll probably have a ton of projects...

3 exams every week in school doesn't make anything easier too

and technically you wouldnt hav e made the drone u would just be glued it to a umbrella

But I'm just gonna end it here cause it's kinda a stupid idea any way and stuff I got it off a commercial and thought it would be cool to have e and makr

If I have said anything mean or anything? Please let me know;if I did I didn't mean 2

Beat regards -EG

Again, Can you PLEASE reply to the comment thread that we were talking about, Instead of starting a new comment?

No, You didn't say anything mean, I just can't understand what you type. Take 10 seconds an go over what you wrote so I can understand...

I still haven't learned how to code an Arduino...

Doesn't sound realistic to build something like that. Also, What use would I get from it?

Just take a Drone, Epoxy on an umbrella, And you're done! You've made a useless Drone that doesn't fly...

Well technically ur right it's probably not gonna fly and if it does not the well,but what you would get from it is you would have an umbrella that you wouldn't have to hold its Handel ifnu had ur hands full
And drones are "EXPENSIVE" and technically it wouldn't be a useless piece of junk that didn't fly

You would have learned a little from it and probably even enjoyed doing it 2 but thank you anyhow
Beas regards -EG


Arduino Uno?

Best regards EG

Using an Arduino for what? For the charger? Can you reply to the comment thread that we were talking about, Instead of starting a new comment? I can't understand to what you're refering...

ok this is gonna sound kinda wierd;

I recently saw a commercial and they had aflying umbrella that would hover over your head and go were u would and u could turn it off and stuff

(It was fictional) any how I'm only 14 and I no yonatan24 is some place around t

Here 2

I was wondering if u could try to build a hovering umbrella that flys over your head so u don't have to hold it and u were like

A hat or something with a computer chip in it and it follows that chip while flying?

Best regards -EG

CAn we get back to the subject?

Can someone tell me hot to make it?

I know how are your skills are...

Soldering? Working with an LM7805 regulator, Do you know how to use it?

Well yes it did measure to 9

It is lithium ion

Yes a capacitor

And actually I'm pretty sure 9v rechargeable batteries do exist cause I

Bought 1

Did you measure it? Is it a Ni-Cad?

I think it's called a "9V" because that's the name that people know...

Ad I took apart a bad portal phone charger that was nbad buy a


And it was powered by 9v battery

actually bravoechonovember is right:

I live in alabama and I can buy rechargeable batteries 9v 600mah

For $1

I'm pretty sure rechargeable 9V batteries don't exist, I think they're actually 8.2V

So they can be soldered to a LM7805 Regulator, But they do need their original charger...

a portalble cellphone charger that is

powerd by

AA batterys or


I wrote it on your Orangboard...

Both don't work, These batteries can't supply enough current...

actually a 9v can charge an iphone 1/3 of the way


How much does a 9V battery cost? I think around $5 each, So you would pay $15 to have your phone fully charged?

You can buy 18650 (laptop batteries) chargers that charge your phone about half way. They cost `$10 , Are rechargeable, And can charge a phone around half way...

See what I mean?