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Request: DIY Portable Microwave Answered

I was looking around and was hoping to find somewhere a guide to make a portable microwave, I have looked around on the internet for hours trying to find a DIY one because I want to make it myself rather than buying one.  What I am trying to do is find a way to make a microwave portable.  I wouldn't be making the actual microwave though, I would just buy one that you guys would hopefully suggest for me to buy.  The purpose of this is to have a microwave that I can put inside of a locker for cooking food in.  I just need someone to guide me through because all I learned through my searching was that I possibly needed an inverter, due to it being battery powered (I assume.)  Then again aren't there car batteries that can run on AC like a microwave, although I am not sure which is why I am here. 

What I am asking is someone to make a step by step tutorial or guide of some sort to making a microwave portable (not building the actual microwave though, just making one portable to be runnable by like a car battery)


Bet a 12V deep cycle SLA battery. Then find an inverter that is capable of putting out the kind of power the microwave needs. In most cases you'll need a 1000W inveter. This will drain the battery quite fast so you'll need a way to charge the battery on a regular basis.

@mpilchfamily Thanks man, i appreciate the response. And is there any suggestion that you would have for some protection around the microwave to prevent it from giving off the microwaves in a locker (since the locker is made of metal I wouldn't want the waves to kill anyone :P)

In a typical microwave, the glass on the front panel does nothing for blocking microwaves. Its the hexagonal mesh that covers the glass.
Because the wavelength of microwaves range from 1mm to 1m (and most ovens use 12cm), if you have a mesh that has holes smaller than the wavelength, they are literally too big to pass through. With this in mind, theoretically, you could use a knit sweater as a door for a microwave. (though I dont recommend it)

If it's in the locker, and the locker has metal mesh over the vents, the microwaves will not escape.

If you want to make it truly portable. You would need an inverter rated for the max wattage the microwave draws and batteries to power the inverter.
Now the question is why you need to cook food in a locker? Does your school/work not provide a break area or cafeteria with a microwave?
If no. Is there an electrical outlet near by that you could plug the cord into?
I am not trying to persuade you from your dreams, but I see a potential fire hazard with someone trying to cook food in a microwave, from the batteries, the inverter and the microwave itself. Plus the fact you have everything in a locker, if something goes wrong it will take more than a class C fire extinguisher to put it out.