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Request for notepad in profile pages Answered

I come up with ideas all of the time and I, unfortunately, tend to forget what I had come up with.  I am certain that a lot of good ideas are lost this way.  I was mulling this over and I thought "What if instructables had a Notepad in the profiles page.  Allow it to be public or private.  This will allow a simple way for members to keep track of their idea backlogs and share them with others.  Just a simple list.  I know that the forums and the profile "About me" can be used this way but neither are optimized for this purpose.  I think this feature would likely get a lot of use.  Just a thought. 

PS:  Thanks for the great site.  I get a lot of inspiration and motivation here.  I hit it all the time with StumbleUpon but I never payed attention to the site when I would hit a random project.


Any.Do App for Android, Works like a charm ;)

You could use an Instructable / Forum Topic, but never publish it.
Or use MS Notepad.


The idea is to be able to share your ideas to people who look at your profile so doing this in the forums would clutter them up.  As for MS notepad, that doesn't allow others to see it and it means it is only available on your home computer.  I personally have a wiki that I put up so I can keep track of my ideas but not everyone knows how to setup a wiki and something like this makes sense for a community like instructables.  Just a thought though.

Lemonie's right.  That's one of the purposes of your Orangeboard (a play on words from "whiteboard").

Good plan. I'm going to use my OB more :)

Too many comments on your OB, and it slows waaaaay down (I know!).

I use unpublished Instructables as a record of ideas.  I currently have over 70 unpublished Instructables, but only two or three have any chance of publication in the near future.  The rest are just single ideas saved in an intro step.

You could do that, and publish the urls of unpublished projects in your profile, or on your orangeboard.

(A similar request I posted a few days ago)

Yeh that's what I currently do, just note down ideas there.

I am going to start using the orangeboard for this as well.  The only problem is the lack of an edit option.  This means I will have to delete my post every time I want to make a change.  If someone has commented on my list then that will leave a "this comment has been deleted" in there to preserve the thread.  After a while this could get a little cluttered.  Still think it is usable but for people who get a lot of orangeboard traffic(namely not me but maybe people like lemonie, you, or kiteman *since I see you guys everywhere on this site) I don't think this is as good of an option.  Even just another field, maybe above the Orangeboard, that can be edited for this purpose would get the job done.

As designed, the OB is meant to be temporary.  It's the only place where the user can delete not only their own comments, but other people's as well.  You can delete entire threads, not just the top comment.

Sorry I thought you wanted it private. The idea's been had before I think but I'll not find the topic.
There's your orangeboard, how about that?


I didn't even think of that.  Can you edit the posts though?  I haven't used it yet but I will check.  If you can edit it then that would probably work perfectly.   Thanks for the thought.

You can delete them, but If you're after current-thinking it would work a bit like a diary, or notebook that you didn't erase stuff from.


I agree, though can it be made on a graphpad grid and allowing scans to be uploaded?