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Request for "Casting in Bondo" Tutorial Answered

I've been trying to find a thorough and detailed introduction to casting in Bondo for a while but have found nothing definitive. Could someone make a beginners guide for using Bondo to make replicas and casts w/ Pictures?


Bondo will fall apart when applied thicker than 1/16h inch. I've seen it happen, and fixed other people's mistakes to that effect. The problem with Bondo's reputation is the fact that it does this, and dumbasses and rip-off fix-up services try to mold and cast with it. The mold would only last one or two, maybe threee castings if you're lucky before things started going wrong. You will thank yourself if you use something more durable. Of course, I have five gallons of bondo and nothing that needs it, so I suppose I could do a little experimental casting and make an 'ible of the results, good or bad. It could take a few weeks.

Alrighty then, thanks. I hope you do DO the instructable, to at least educate the masses, good or bad results.

You can search "casting" to see all of the techniques but Bondo is not a pourable casting medium, it is more paste-like. You would probably have to cast an object split in half so that you can pack the mold. Glue the halves back into one. Fill the gaps with more Bondo and finish it off.