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Resin floor Answered

Has anyone ever done a DIY resin floor? Any advice?

A friend of mine is in the early stages of a plan to cover her stairs in resin, with embedded small pieces of tile left over from the kitchen. We're planning to do a lot of small scale testing before we actually do anything permanent, and were just going to start with harware store marine resin. At the moment, the stairs are the bare chipboard left when the gross carpet was removed. It also curves around almost 180°, so there are only a few rectangular stairs.

Any tips on the type of resin to use, best way to build a stair sized mould, things that the resin won't stick to, curing time, or any other random advice would be appreciated.


stair runner man

5 years ago

Hi, a couple of deas that might help. At our work we often suggest people paint chipboard stairs and then fit stair runner and stair rods.
By doing this you have immediately covered 70% of the stairs professional with the stair runner which gives you less work to do ,
Then the stair rod covers the join between tread and riser. This might save you a lot of time.
Another thing that looks nice is paint the riser white and just tile the tread. Again nice contrast and saves time .
Hope that helps.


6 years ago

Are you trying to create a layer of resin in which you have bits of tile embedded into it? The chipboard as a substrate would not be good as it expands/contracts/flexes causing cracks or deformations in the resin layer. Tiles might even work loose. Depending on the thickness of the resin layer, a pour would get pretty expensive. Used in decoupage, you need good controlled long curing times and need to worry about air entrapment and even curing. Mosaic stairs with traditional mortar would be a better bet but that would not make for a good stair surface either as you don't want a tripping hazard.

Mar HKcaitlinsdad

Reply 6 years ago

Good points, this is why I asked the question before we got very far :-) Depending on the tests we do, there may be a "how not to" instructable out of it.


6 years ago

Have you given adequate thought to slip-proofing and trip-proofing on those stairs?

Marine grade resin is a pretty smooth and slippery substance, isn't it?