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Resistance calculator using flash Answered

I just created a resistance calculator using liveswif (its like macromedia flash only not as good) and programmed it with actionscript.   I can't figure out how to get the numbers to line up properly, although the calculator still works.   If you have a resistor and need to find out how many ohms it is, the calculator will do it.  



Haha, thats strange because I was just thinking of making another one something like that and saw that I had new comments so I come here and you have that link posted. 

I mainly made mine as an experiment.  I know its not very good.

As an experiment it's working quite well, you could probably develop games easily?


I probably could if I spent more time with flash, but I don't.

Nice little tool! I find it handier to just keep a chart by the workbench and use this to muddle up all the little color tiles. ;-)