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Resistors for a NPN transistor? Answered

In the circuit diagram(which I've uploaded),I intent to use a NPN transistor(BC 547) as a relay.The 9 VDC is stepped down to 5 VDC by a LM7805 and should be the trigger to the transistor,completing a circuit which needs the 9 VDC.The Collector is given the common negative of both the voltages and the trigger gets the positive 5VDC.I need a bit help to calculate R1 and R2.I had used two random resistors previously but the Load got powered by the 9 VDC even before the trigger was applied to the transistor.I figured out that the problem might be related to the resistors used.
(I haven't included the caps used at the terminals of the regulator in the schematic)


You don't need the 7805. You don't need R1. What is "the load" ? Can the transistor handle the current needed ?

Its not that simple.Actually this is a part of a bigger project.The LM 7805 is simply inevitable.Yes,the transistor can handle the current needed."The load" is the same buzzer I've been talking 'bout yesterday.I enquired and found out that it needs about 100 mA of current.

Then the 547 isn't really big enough. I'd want a margin on top of the "Ic max" figure of at least 25%, usually more.

You don't need R1, and if the buzzer is electromagnetic, it needs a diode across it.

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The resistor should be related to the maximum load and the figure "Hfe" on the datasheet. Make sure the maximum current for the transistor is >> load current. Then base current = load current /Hfe
and resistor value = (Vin-0.6)/ base current. Then reduce it by 20% to allow the base to saturate.