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I like to learn stuff from someone who can do what I want to do and will answer my questions. I don't like extraneous material cluttering the path to my goal. The greatest achievements are made through cooperation. We all stand on the shoulders of those who cooperated to achieve the point where we should start. And the greatest achiever will lift us there, so we can lift the next achiever. We disserve ourselves, our ancestors, and our progeny when we hoard our results and pretend to be smarter than the next achiever, when rather than showing where we left off and where he should start, we instead slow our collective progress by placing the next achiever at our feet, and requiring that he review the mistakes we have already made and learned from. Time is too short. In a cooperative efficient society, no one reinvents the wheel.


Thanks for reading, folks. I just want to learn how to design and build useful and interesting things that eventually earn or supplement my income. I found this site through an exciting article in WIRED about open source hardware, Nov 08. I am fairly new at using forums. I assume all you guys are already smarter than me, so I get defensive without thinking, a bit ranty. I am frustrated with my college instructors and administration, too, so I quit them. The article I liked was about the Arduino open source controller board and the stories about what has been done with it and the suggestion about having my own designs built in China. Since I am going to China soon. I am excited about the possibilities I imagine. Maybe with the help of a lot of other people who understand what I to do, and know where the resources are... I could add value to something, somewhere. I've also never started a forum topic before.

How long have you got before you go? You'd probably gain something from getting an Arduino and playing with it - then you'd be able to ask specific technical questions (here). People can generally offer more help if they've got a good idea of what the problem is.
Do look at the Arduino Instructables


I expect to depart by the last week of August. Thanks, I'll explore the site more.

You've got enough time to get an Arduino and try some things. You can take some of this knowledge with you, and you'll have the opportunity to benefit from experience of people (here) who have done things with it. L


I want to see London after I have struck gold in China. I like your religion and your family.

I have no religion, and you have never met my family.

Sorry, yes of course not. I only meant that 1. I looked up Fenchurch street and thought it suggested being isolated or left out (according to Wikipedia), though it is in or near London (I had never heard of it till now). 2. That in skimming your profile, I thought of being open minded and unfettered by religion, which is another quality I appreciate and try to achieve. And 3. I admired the fact of having a family which I have not but is also one of my future goals.

I don't understand whether you're asking for something or just posting an incomprehensible statement for (I don't know why reasons). Could you introduce yourself in a more straightforward way? L

I'm an English teacher headed for Suzhou, China. While there, I want to make friends in the factories that design or just build the electronics we use. I want to know how to reverse engineer (read) a chip. I want to learn how to program a controller board like the Arduino. I don't know where to start. I want to find a place in the supply chain between China and elsewhere, esp. USA.

There are a few Instructables which use the Ardunio - plug it into the search box (upper right). With respect to reverse engineering semiconductors, I think that you'll probably find the answers in China. L