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Welcome to the Resources forum category!

This category is for sharing and discussing resources relevant to Instructables and general project building. Do you know of a great place to get LEDs, yarn, wood, or strawberries? How about somewhere to learn to weld, knit, solder, or saute? Share it here.

Commercial postings are NOT OK (and please note that commercial postings are only acceptable in a few forum categories where they are explicitly permitted). Forum topics about resources should be authored by those without a direct interest in the resource. If you think your company, store, website, magazine, or otherwise would make a good resource for the Instructables community, please post it in the Services Forum Category.

Please keep things relevant to the spirit of the site. Really cool listings may even be featured to the Instructables homepage, while irrelevant postings will be deleted.


Oh ok.....well at least I didn't claim to be around when the Layden jar was invented LOL


goodhart it's Leyden not layden that makes me angry... I have no idea why...

Oh, you get angry at a typo......wait until I make one that makes a weird kind of sense LOL

Sorry I thought that was a misconception not a typo, far too many people argue that layden is correct...

Nah, I knew better, but late at night and early in the morning, I have fat fingers :-) and sometimes I don't even get close to the correct key....

fat fingers? With all the exercise they get on Instructables? (9000+ comments?!)

Exercise of an area does not reduce "that area" ;-)

Haha. I suppose that if you typed a comment of considerable length this far into the thread, it would end up very thin and tall. I'm going to keep typing for a while to test this theory. Hmmmmmmm. Interesting. Yep, hmmm, yep, uh huh, uh huh. Okay.... sure. Mumble mumble mumble. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Talkity-talk talk. Woooohooo! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!

It would appear that you need to put spaces between the words. Yep. That would seem to do it. Haha. This is fun.

Lemme try another. These are cool. But probably extremely difficult to read. But I'm typing this and it causes brain damage to read my words! So don't. Haha. Fun. Or not. Haha.

ok, I will not read this text, because you have warned me of the dangers of reading this text. No siree! I will not read this text. I said no! Stop! Stop it! I won't read it! Leave me alone! Pineapple! spam

Haha. It's funny just how off topic this forum has gotten. What was it even about? Hmmmmm.

what happens with long words like antidisestablishmentarianism?

ooh wait, they get cut off unless you reply to them!

They stay the same. Words are never broken up

which means it widened the column a wee bit ;-) looking at the posts above....

It's not fat - those fingers are solid muscle!

Really because there's one on yoor shoulder, I take it they had no parrots or corn flakes are involved...

Michael Palin the shop owner of course :-) Shop Owner: Well, I'd better replace it, then. (he takes a quick peek behind the counter) Sorry squire, I've had a look 'round the back of the shop, and uh, we're right out of parrots.

You're well versed in many things, GH it's a credit to your country, most don't seem to get that, though that may be a mistake of my own...

I am kind of a loner in this respect. Not that I am alone, but that I am in the minority. I don't know many that are Monty Python fans, nor that understand the humor of John Cleese (Fawlty Towers is still my fav though). Less then a year ago, was the first time I saw "A Fish Called Wanda" (is my movie watching behind the times or what ? LOL)

Oh and as far as being well versed in a diverse field of things, blame my shyness and lack of social ability and contact on that. As one song puts it: "I have my books, and my poetry to protect me...."

To give you a funny reversal at a party once a girl and I decided to watch the whole of fawlty towers at 3Am everyone else was quite long passed out... Still knowing things isn't bad, having friends is nice too but as my brother will gladly point out, his DVD collection will never turn on him...

Oh, I know. Had I chosen better the paths I took, I may have ended up knowing a little less, but then I would also have a companion that was more into my "personality" and not so much a "duh fooot-ball" kind or person. *sigh* Not that she is dumb; she just doesn't like to learn anything new, so I have to constantly "fix" what she has broken on the computer, and show her repeatedly how to "put a picture in a document" ( or actually, how to open a blank Open Office doc). *sigh* it is frustrating and time consuming.

Hmm quite an annoying matter, I have had similar problems but with companions at my younger age, which shows worrying things, also my younger brother is exactly the same on the not learning score, I had to teach him how to make tuna sandwiches seven times and he's still not getting changing a bike innertube, despite being shown eleven times and being the son of a tyrefitter, granted his is ignorance due to laziness, he thinks not learning means not having to do things, usually it mean being punished for puposely not learning, without doing it but showing them seems to work for a couple of goes, then they 'forget'... It's a condition of life that makes me angry, why on earth would you not want to learn something new, everyday no matter how small learning something is important...

granted his is ignorance due to laziness, he thinks not learning means not having to do things

That hits the hammer on the head with the nail ;-)

And yes, this form of laziness makes me upset too. Learning means some form of independence whereas not learning, on purpose, means dependence. Why some people want to be dependent on another is beyond me (other then they like being lazy) *sigh*

I view dependence as a form of laziness unless there is reason, like depending on a woman to make babies, we can't on our own and neither can they, co-dependence is not that bad but when there's no reason whatsoever it ultimately leads to either weakness (from a life perspective) or simply failing where you may succeed... Another thing I've noticed is his complete undependability, ask him to do a relatively easy and simply task, the recycling, his set chore, it takes a week and when he is finally made to do it he'll usually leave a trail of unrecycled destruction in his path, something so simple and easy, yet his refusal to do it astounds me, this happens with many other things though, he can't be trusted to do anything, you just get a 'oh I forgot' or a 'OKAY OKAY I'll do it this time' basically in a week to be allowed to go out he must tidy his room and do the recycling, he also leave a mess of dirty dishes and empty wrappers in his midst all the time... Basically useless for a snotty fourteen year old, who honestly believes he is somehow a better form of life in an unhealthy way... Sorry I kinda went in to a rant, wretch 2 came home and started whining, then did the eat half a banana leave the rest thing... Any ideas on how in gods name you can make someone less wasteful, I showed him how to eat a banana like a monkey, he disregarded it as stupid saying I was a bigger waster for not being in school, imaginative comebacks are the order of the day...

he also leave a mess of dirty dishes and empty wrappers in his midst all the time.

He is starting to sound like my wife LOL

a snotty fourteen year old, who honestly believes he is somehow a better form of life in an unhealthy way...

Well, I hear the :but I DESERVE this (or I deserve BETTER than this) all the time. My reply is, hey, we were born, from the time we were able to take care of ourselves, we either do, or do not, there is no try, there is no "I deserve". We eventually die and become dust. I would rather enjoy the journey, the final destination is not what I want to rush towards, you know?

I have no suggestions, but in my attempts to get my wife to be more active for about 20 years now (physically as well as cranially) I have found out that we have only one person we can truly control and better through our own efforts. If you look in the mirror, you see him. And when I look in mine, I see him too.

Ahhh! This is almost as thin as my ridiculous post! Ahhh!

You can get free stuff all day long on cragslist...I know, not precisely original but it is free.

freecycle .org is great for oddball things, and your free to ask for things your looking for as well And every thing on it has to be FREE......

Oooo...I'll have to check there, thanks for the link!

The fact that I spelled it incorrectly proves I wasn't there :-)

You don't believe me ?

Capacitors were once referred to as condensers. This is considered an antiquated term in English, but most other languages use an equivalent, like "Kondensator" in German, "Condensador" in Spanish, or "Kondensa" in Japanese.


I mean my Geek-Speak comes mostly from the Pre-transistor era :-) You know, back when a capacitor was known as a condenser, and such....

Yes, PRE-transistor was where I started :-)

Sorry about that. But if I spurted slang, it would be the wrong generation of GeekSpeak, and it would be worse :-)

Hey, stop arguing, I am telling you your resource is a good one LOL