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Resources for Teachers Answered

Are you a teacher, boy scout or girl scout troop leader, or an educator of another sort? 

If so, we'd like to help you out, give you a free Pro membership, and learn more about how Instructables can be more useful to you and your students. 

Just click the GET TEACHER PRO button on this page: https://www.instructables.com/teachers/. Fill out the form and wait for the pro membership fairy to upgrade your account. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk about project-based learning, drop us a line at service at instructables dot com.

We look forward to hearing from you!



11 months ago

So interesting ..

Thanks for this. :D

Too all teachers... take a look at what our 6th graders have been doing this year.


Teachers! I want to have my students participate in some of the contests this summer, but they have to do a little more legwork before I'll spend the $ they may need to make their projects happen. What do you include on your project proposals? How do you motivate students who might think they are not creative? Thanks!

i am a teenage writer and i have been using emails to teach other students how to write and the values of writing, i haven't "taught" anyone in a while, but earlier this year i had three students, two people starting out and i made a new class "experienced:" to accommodate other writers who needed help. should i make an instrucatbles/blog etc to reach a broader audience

hello is this valid with home school teachers????
thanks : )

I would think it would be available to such...

The school where I teach(Art&Crafts and English) doesn't have a website. Shall I attach a photocopy of the Education Society registration papers(they're attested by the Government Education Department Board) while sending the required mail?

Just give the school's address, that should be enough.

Just a thought - how many people here are actually educators of some description?

What subjects / ages do you teach?

(Me: science & maths to age 9-13)

Communications & Technical learning at college level
Boy Scout Scoutmaster too

I keep sending instructables to my teacher friend where I work (we are jr. college teachers) for her MIMIC class, students make a product and market it and then have a fair and sell it.
I teach computers....

Let them know about the free membership available - have a look at the updated topic.

They were having a MIMIC fair today! Every year I tell her they should go to instructables for ideas..........I did send her information on the free membership. Smile. Thank you!
I lost my flip video, but I still have a day or so to finish my catwalk instructable for the contest, I'm excited!
I think MIMIC means Make Industry Meaningful I C maybe in college?

Hi Kiteman

I just (as in last week) signed up and used my P card (what we call our expense credit card from the school) to get a pro membership.

I teach metal arts at a special ed vocational high school in the GTA, Ontario.

Do you have a "teacher area" or a "tour for teachers" for this site?

Also, I'm not sure this is the proper spot for me to be posting all this...

mea culpa!


.  Hi, Sue, and welcome to Ibles.
.  I don't remember seeing a Tour For Teachers or a Teachers' Area, but you may be able to find a Group aimed at teachers/educators and/or Special Ed.
.  If your comment was aimed specifically at Kiteman, then a PM might have been better than posting a public comment that bozos like me can read. If it was an open request for info, then starting a new topic would have been a good idea.
.  You didn't break any rules or step on any toes by posting here, but you might have received a larger audience by starting a new topic.

gawd, i'm sorry, but what is a "PM"? cause i will definitely do one or get one or make one...

Kiteman seems like a guru of sorts, and i've seen your monniker around quite a bit too, so i have to say i feel really supported here so far and am even making my first project from an ible i saw last night! (i could NOT stop reading and today, duct tape is much safer for me to be working with than chopsaws and welders...) i digress...

"PM" is a "Private Message" - click on any user's name, and look to the left of the screen for a button to send one - it's like an on-site email.

Guru, eh...?

Nobody...nobody ever called me a guru...


The title is earned, but hey, you have been quite a mentor of sorts to me....so you are well on your way :-)

I meant that as a compliment, even if it didn't sound as such

I'm quite surprised! Lots of people must have called you a gurl before getting smacked...oh, wait, that's a "u" :-)

ahhhh! oh-TAY! Now we're cookin with gas! thanks wise one... (wise ONES, actually...)

Well, you've got the hair for it, now you just need to get a set of robes the same color as your avatar's background.... The kids'll love it!

.  Private Message. Click on a user's name and that will take you to their profile page. Look under their avatar and click on the "Private Message" button.
.  Kiteman and I have both been around here for quite a while. I'm sure you will find that there are very many helpful ppl here. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Unless it's something personal, ask your questions in public so we all can learn.

"PM" is the abbreviation here for "private message." It's effectively e-mail, but only internal to Instructables, with limited functionality (text only; no attachments, images, etc., and no CC).

If you click on a username, you'll be taken to their "profile." Under their picture on the left side you'll see a button labelled "private message."

There isn't a dedicated area for teachers, but there are some Guides (collections of up to a dozen or so I'bles) with projects related to classroom work, and there is a "Classroom" Group with some resources.

again, thank you kelseymh. you're a fountain of knowledge and im hoping to propose you mentor me on this site... ok. i'm not so much hoping to propose it, i just did... mentor me?

I think you'll find that there are a bunch of people willing to help you out and give you some guidance in navigating this, er, interesting place! Kiteman, Goodhart, NachoMahma, Caitlinsdad, Lithium Rain, etc. are all willing to step up and tell you what to do help out :-) If you've got technical electronics or engineering questions, Steveastrouk (capitalize the A and U :-) is probably one of the best folks we've got.

Anyway, if we haven't said so yet (and even if we have), welcome to Instructables!

I teach English to 10th graders.

Language arts and Social Sudies, ages: 8-9. Third Grade.

Technology 11 to 18 although retired last year.

Cool - I've been trying to switch to tech for a while, but schools in my area are cutting back - they can hire experienced staff for MPS rates.

Most schools fit it very hard to get D&T teachers, there has been a shortage for about 10 years.

Whilst I was there we advertised and only had 5 applicants, none of whom were really suitable.

My school has still not replaced me after a year They fill the gap with a semi permanent supply teacher.

Where schools are looking at technology status or moving to a technology based academy you will find they look for skilled teachers with a strong practical basis.

It can be interesting if you put in the time and effort to do things that are beyond the basics to keep the kids interested otherwise not many are that motivated by anything that takes time to complete or skills that can only be learned by practice.

Still I likes it.

I really am a teacher and brand spankin' new to this site. I teach astronomy and earth science at our local high school. Most of my earth science kids are "academically at-risk" freshman, while most of my astronomy kids are sophomores and juniors who don't have the math levels for chem or physics but need a physical lab science as a college entrance requirement. Both sets of kids thrive when given a project that involves kinetic learning processes.

Cool - have you found anything useful here yet, or are you going to publish your own projects?

Hopefully both in the near future; I haven't had a chance to troll around much yet. Saturday was my first day here EVER.

You really only accept teacher employed by some institution? What about home educators, or even those who are not currently employed, or even those who just substitute?
I homeschool 5 kids 2 with special needs I am a teacher..

It does say Scout Leaders or other type of educators. If Scout Leaders are included, I'm assuming us home educators are, too.

Drop them a line anyway - the worst they can do is say "no".

Can u pls write the emai ID again.
Is it teachers@instructables.com ?

Yes, it is.

Canida wrote is as teachers at instructables dot com to stop software robots picking up the address and sending it spam.

I have my own institute for english educational purposes and Instructables has been a Big tool for learning.I would love to belong to PRO´S Again...