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Restore apps with iPhone back-up? Answered

My mum just got a new iPhone after her old one broke, we had backed it up the instant before she went to hand it in to be repaired. When we synced it, it only installed all the music but no apps! Please help!
Thanks, Flannel UK




Best Answer 7 years ago

By default the apps don't sync to the computer -- but if she uses the same account on the app store she should be able to access her previous purchases in case the backups are gone (or never existed).

As far as I know, the sync` process synchronises user-data on phone and the PC - it is not a full system back-up / clone / ghost image.
You'll either have to use a back-up (if you have one and the phones are identical), or load the app's to the new phone.


Oh OK, the data for the apps is on the back-up, So all we have to do now is just download all the apps that she had and the data will be there! Thanks for your help :)

I assume so, the sync' only does what it does. Fairly-easy to test with 1 app' I guess?


Yeah it does. Again, thanks for your help :)