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Restoring a formatted Xbox 360 Hard Drive? Answered

My 120Gb hard drive wasnt working right so i formatted it and lost everything, i bought a 20Gb and want to restore my 120Gb back to normal so i can transfer stuff from the 120GB to 20GB.




8 years ago

Xbox and Xbox 360 both use the FATx file system.  you can take the HD out of the 360 HD case and connect it to a SATA port on a desktop, download xplorer360 and see what's left of the data on it.  if it WAS full-formatted, then frollard is right.  game over.  if it was a quick format, then the data is still there, and just the reference to it is gone.  there MIGHT be hope, but not likely....

if you have already formatted the 120 then all data is lost

game over man; game over. There are unformat utilites - but I don't know what filesystem the xbox uses (ntfs?) and if it can be un-formatted. if it was a full-format you're fully toast. If it was a quick format you might be able to restore some of it. Either way, you need an adapter cable that converts the xbox hdd connector to sata + power.