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Restoring a vintage child's pull-wagon. Anyone know where to get replacement wheels? Answered

I am desperately looking for replacement vintage-style wheels for a pull-wagon that I'm restoring.
It's in rough shape but all the bits are good except for two wheels which are beyond repair. I also have
a strange old 3 wheel kick scooter that needs a wheel. I've scoured the 'net under every heading I
can think of with no luck.
Can anyone help? I need metal disc-type wheels like the ones in the photo.
This is a pic of an old wagon I simply cleaned, waxed (including the wheels) and turned into a coffee table using
a piece of tempered glass someone threw away.  I've since added those transparent little silicone "bumpers"
on the corners to stop the top from sliding off.



5 years ago

Go to eBay and search "vintage toy wagon wheels" I found several pairs for wagons. I got 4 vintage wagon hubcaps on ebay a while back... still have to restore my wagon... The other point is that in most cases you can just replace the rubber if the metal rims are still in good order. I found a lot of info on this in researching peddle car restoration.. another project that is on my shelf...

It's a great site! Will study it tomorrow. Thank you.

Thank you very much. Looks promising.