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Results for TGKTR2 Answered

Here are the results, sorry it took so long, but that wasn't my fault *cough*Dsman*cough* +P.

4 Moving On:





4 that are out




No Entry

Congratulations to all!


I like the way jollex is in all of the rounds and he runs the contest

Yeah that's funny. I didn't expect to make it past round 1, much less round 2.

NEXT ROUND!!!!11!!111

Uhm... Jollex, not to be pushy but when will the next round begin?

when will the next round begin


:D That means a lot to me man. You're my best friend here too :P

soz, but then its iac, dgm, djr and benfoxg followed by u

i wonder what it will be......... i reckon i can't be a ball machine caus some people wont have enough peices (i got heaps more peices.....yess!!!(ignore me)) to build a big huge awesome massive one!

I was wondering also. Not that it really matters to me any more. :p

I hope it gets going soon. Too bad you didn't make it through...

Meh, I may try building something in line with the competition in any case, I'm out of ideas at the moment.

Holy sh** I just made it in past dutchwarlord. A 1 point difference is rediculously close.

You would be surprised how close together the scores Dutchj gave me where XD

Sorry about that, It's hard to judge a contest in which the entries are so entirely different. If it were a narrower category it would have been easier to give definite rankings.

like if u had read my comments than you woudve known. Please use correct grammar if you want a serious answer. ( Yeah, I'm in a bad mood )

well i didn't want a serious answer o.O

Then I guess you got what you wanted.

yep, thats the problem i ran into, and that is what took me so long to judge. everything was so different that finding this to judge was hard to do.

i'm out but i want to thanks all the judges, jollex and all the people want wants me in and congratulation to I_Am_Canadian, Viccie.B1993, Jollex, , S0lekill3r that you are in now i have time to make one thing that i allways wanted to do and that is a dragonov that can shoot 150 feet with a 20 felt yellow rod mag i using the bullet ram from ironman and i use the rail from ironman and a little body of mine m21 i all do this for ironman because he is away from this site and i put all hes nice gun things is one single gun/sniper

Thanks bro, you're entry was sweet. Too bad 5 people couldn't move on =P

To be honest I'm relatively glad I'm out, it shows people still value complexity and innovation over sheer size. And I have more time to work on other stuff now.

ya, the problem i had with yours it that it had no mech, and that was half of my score.(i still gave it some points in that though, for other things.)

Ah, ok. Maybe I should have added some kind of tuning mech.

ya, sorry. that is what happened to baconbitz too, he scored perfect in looks, but got almost no points on the mech part.

Wow! I did not expect that! Is there one or two rounds left?

Awww you're welcome you made something truly amazing! Now time to post it XD!

That seems like a slim chance, Im just happy to get through to here :-)

I though as much... I would have liked only one more rounds though...

aaaa i'm not in the next round

I felt Dutchwarlord should be in there, but the entries that passed are good too.