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Retro! The Polaroid SX-70 Answered

Isn't this a great piece of engineering?



Are these in Australia? The new ones?

There's still a market for instant-pics (which don't need a PC / leave a trace on) - but I guess you pay heavily for them. Ever watch The Man Who Fell To Earth?


Bowie?  Alien looking to get water for his home planet?

Years ago, but I remember very little of it.

That's the one, but he brought alien-instant-photo technology with him as I remember. And failed to save his planet...


I challenge you to find a way to make homebrew film for this.

You may want to enlist the help of chemists and photo hobbyists...

It should be available soon, since a bunch of enthusiasts acquired the machinery for making Polaroid film when the factory closed.

It won't be cheap though, will it?


Knowing the pattern of DIY communities, someone's going to come up with a way to use their own urine and baking soda to make it work.

Or something.

B&W maybe. But full colour is the sort of technology that could pay for it's self for a period in the not too distant past. Not now though.


Beyond me, it would require resources I don't have / wouldn't spend large amounts of money on. Over to you?


Other then price, the other 2 things I didn't like about them were #1:  they didn't stop even the slowest of motions (I have some blurry duck picts somewhere),  and #2:  it was actually a bit dangerous to try to physically crop the pictures in any way :-) 

Granted, but you got finished prints in a few minutes. A full photo-lab in one small package.


Oh I know, it was quite the advance over the,  Take a picture,  wait 30 seconds,   pull out the plate,  wait another 30-60 seconds, and then peal back the backing to reveal the photo,  idea.  Less messy  too  (and of course, as you wrote, much MUCH faster then having to take it to the photolab to have them processed).

I wish film wasn't so expensive. I bought an old Polaroid for three dollars at a thift store, and got another for free at a garage sale. Film, however, costs over a dollar per shot, if you can even find it.

Oh yes. Part of it is the flat battery pack, some years ago they made stupid-sized pocket-torches (with the same) to support the plant. With little other use they cannot be cheap. If only they'd put a normal battery compartment in the camera, but this is part of the original load-and-shoot design.