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Retrofitting an antique light fixture? Answered


I just picked up a really nice old hanging light fixture. I want to upgrade it with modern light sockets and lampshades to use in our new house (Actually 200 years old but new to us). Has anybody had any experience doing this? Could you give me a few pointers?





5 years ago

I've restored a number of vintage and antique light fixtures and chandeliers and have a few tips I'll pass on:
Take lots of pictures from several different angles before and during disassembly for reference. Carefully document placement of any small or complex parts and pieces.
Determine the size and type bulbs you want to use and ensure they and the sockets will fit and look appropriate to the fixture.
If you need to snake the new wiring through small diameter and/or tubing bends, a bicycle brake cable makes a good fish tape to pull the wire.
Wash any glass or crystal with a spot free detergent in your dishwasher and hand dry with a clean cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel.
When re-assembling, wrap all tubing connections with a couple of winds of Teflon tape. (The Teflon acts like a lubricant a makes tightening the connections easier.) Trim off any exposed, excess Teflon tape.
Test the fixture to make sure all the bulbs light (and dim, if so wired) before you hang the fixture.


5 years ago

you can go to a home improvement store and get a lamp kit, basically its a cord with a edison screw on the end. They are designed to turn anything into a lamp or replace a broken lamp.