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Reuse, Repurpose Instructables Ideas for Air Compressor Answered

I came up on a broken air compressor where basically it is a functioning electric belt driven pump.  Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do with that thing? It also has the mini tank with it. 


.  I'm confused. Is it a "broken air compressor" or a "functioning electric belt driven pump"? If it's broken, can you tell what is broken?

Functioning as far as the motor goes. The gauges are destroyed and the tube connecting the pump to the tank is broke. it is a husky


the little one on the right

everything in the silver/grey area in the picture is wasted, cracked, bent and broke.
2 gauges, a switch and a dial for pressure.

.  The silver/grey are looks like it contains the tank pressure gauge, the regulator, and the outlet pressure gauge. You may be able to get by with replacing just the regulator, but that may also bypass the over-pressure switch if it has one.