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Reuse the LED from a TV Question? Answered

I had an LED Tv break and I decided to remove the LEDs out of the TV and reuse them as background LEDs for the new TV.  The issue that I am running into is that I can't figure out how to power them on.  I know they work because i can get a segment of 3 to light up by using wires connected to a 12v battery.  Each strip has 57 LEDs and a 4 wire connector.  I was guessing that this means it is a RGB strip, but there are nothing but +/- symbols on the strip so it is confusing as to what the wire does what on it. I would appreciate any help that anyone may have for me.  


You need to know where to connect the voltage and how much voltage is necessary.

With 4 pins I would assume common ground plus 3 colors.

If all LED's for a color are in series they would need 40-50 to get proper brightness, but also something to limit the current, best option would be to use the old driver board.


3 years ago

Attached are pictures of the LED strip