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Reusing RAM memory? Answered

Hi everybody.
I'm looking on the web if there is a way to reuse my old Ram memory. And I don't find anything....

As you know, each time we change for a new computer, we have to change the Ram to match the CPU and motherboard.
And I'm stuck with a lot of useless Ram, life warranted for most :)

So is it possible, to reuse the chips or add usb plug or something to use it as a external usb key?
I'm understand, it could be not easy but ... I 'm curious. :)

Thank you. 


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do with the RAM other than using it in a computer. I guess you could make some sculpture out of it :)

Went to a computer show a while back and saw a girl using a drill press to drill holes in the end of RAM memory sticks. Then she attached a key ring to it. She was selling them for $2 each.

HAHA! It's funny that people would buy that.

Sorry but those old dimms are useless unless you want to keep them in an old system and keep that system running. Turning them into a storage device would require them to be constantly powered otherwise you would loose all the information on them. So trying to make a drive out of them is rather pointless and risky.

I remember a while back seeing something on people trying to use RAM to create memory sticks and flash drives. I think the supporting hardware or electronics really did not make it worth the effort to do. What exists today is a lot of R&D packed into a tiny chip that would be very hard to replicate DIY.