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Reusing old laptop & cordless components Answered

Hi, I have an old laptop which stopped working due to variety of reasons (I suspect it was mostly a SW issue). I have reason to believe that its screen and lots (or most) of other HW components still work fine. (I have done the easy part of removing its HDD and am using it like a portable disk). Can someone suggest or point me to instructables for to reuse components from this laptop? Same for my cordless phone which is a Panasonic KX-TC1486B . (I have taken the phone apart already and have labeled parts as originally found just for ref). Thanks, Sushrut.


If its software format it and install linux. Its free and not too hard (can be done in ~2hrs)

Im powering a string of LED lights behind the TV (Ambient TV Lighting, or whatever its called) off of an old Motorola cell phone battery. I hook it up to the lights and they stay on for hours. When the battery is dead, I pop it back into the phone and charge it up. Its ready to go again for the next movie rental :)

For quite a list of things, try using reuse laptop in the search box under instructables.