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Revenge is sweet! Answered

Call me immature, call me vindictive, but this news made me HA! out loud;

The chief executive of a speed trap manufacturer has lost his license for doing 102.9mph

Hah, serves the {deleted expletive} right!

BBC story


. I looked at the link and I read that the guy lost his license for driving 102.9 meters per hour. Me thinks to myself "Wait a minute - that's less than 1 mile per hour! ... oh. ' miles per hour'." Wasn't expecting that on a UK web site. LOL

A though occurred to me today (originating in one of the moments of incredulity while watching The Matrix) - why does America (so prond of winning a war of independence) still use the BTU? (we gave that up a long time ago and we are B)


Same reason we s till use Miles, inches, fahrenheit, and ect.
By the time the government thought about it, it would cost much more money then we had to change everything. Even for renaming it ATU.
(Then you have to think about how much to would cost to tell EVERYONE about the change.)

. And Roman numerals for Btu multipliers. Eg, M = 1000, MM = 1000000. MMBTU <shrug>

Well if you're still using pounds and Fahrenheit, I guess so. Could have tweaked the definition a bit and created the American Thermal Unit (ATU)...? L

. The (very few) European speedos I've seen were calibrated in km/hr. Is my sample size too small? It that just speedos on the Continent? Are y'all constantly doing the conversion while driving? Or did I just dream that Euro speedos are metric? Enquiring minds want to know!

*wonders why most Americans seem to think we're all metric* =|

actually, we use metric and imperial, just depends what for, clothes, distance, weight, height, length (long or short) &c. ;-)

. Everything I know about GB I learned from watching Monty Python and Benny Hill. :)

I think the brits use the english system and pounds (I wonder why....) wheres mainland europe and such use metric and euros.

Although we do science in metric, we are the only EU country to use miles on our roads (although we now buy our petrol in litres).

What is even funnier, is that we use pounds and ounces liquid and solid, for almost everything, but big bottles of soda come in one or two liters LOL

And our milk, even though it still has pints written on the side in larger letters :P

You have calibrated Speedos? Do I dare ask where the gauge is located?

. ROFLMAO I didn't even see that one coming. . The gauge is in the usual place, it's just a little more difficult to see the indicator.

Especially on the models that carry heavier loads...

. LOL Now that was a definite violation of the Be Nice policy. :P

I thought is was if you can't find the stick or need a flashlight to see, then you shouldn't be driving...heehee

The speedo dials have both km, and miles on them. so, its easy, the km tends to be smaller less obtrusive in the middle.

. Ah. "Thank you" to you and Kiteman for clearing it up.

Ironic. Getting caught speeding by your own speeding camera, or w/e they're called.

Apparently he wasn't thinking fast enough to talk his way out of the ticket...

That's funny. I recall reading that the person who invented the speed trap got nabbed by it as well.