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Where to find information on the best CPU's, with photos and the approximate amount of gold that can be recovered also? Answered

Does anyone know where I can get some kind of information on all the different types of CPU's, with photos, and which one yield the most gold ? Or if someone knows of a good book to get information on all the best computer parts for gold recovery, with instruction and illistrations as well ? Please, anyone, HELP ! ! !


You can post picks here.

Most CPUs have less than a grain of pure gold it is when you recover it in mass you get a substantial amount


4 years ago

I came across this: http://www.chipsetc.com/gold-value-in-computer-ch... (and a lot of forum discussions which i didnt bother to check into if they contained any usefull info) simply by asking a search engine the same question (that is my "nice" way of saying that i find your question a bit on the lazy side when you could have put it into a searchengine and done the work yourself - you may have done so, but you mention nothing about it, so i have to assume not)

But maybe im just a young grumpy man (well, younger (than you) going by your username :)