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Reverse Global Warming the DIRTY way Answered

1)  We are put carbon into the air by burning fossil fuels.  
What are fossil fuels?  Plants that were buried eons ago.  
How can we reverse the trend?  By burying plant matter, thus sequestering CO2 from the air.
Fortunately, there is a convenient way to do so. Put lawn waste and paper in a landfill.
 Paper is mostly made from tree farm trees. They'll replant to grow more. New trees absorb CO2 from air.
   a)  Bury paper. Don't recycle it.
   b)  Bury lawn waste, don't mulch or compost.

2) Since people do burn stuff to keep warm, travel, and do stuff in general, is there a way to do this without as much effect on climate?
Global COOLing happens when particulates (smoke) reflect some sunlight.  
So the laudable efforts to produce cleaner emissions from cars, powerplants, etc, also prevents the effect of global cooling.  
Ironic that  a filthy smoke belching 1800s smokestack which lead to respiratory problems, etc, would also put out particulates that block some sunlight.
  a)  make smoke, not clean exhaust.

I welcome responses whether you agree or disagree.  To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I agree myself ! Just putting it out there.


Have you calculated what tonnage of this stuff you'd need to bury to have a significant effect?
Have you any ideas of where to bury this stuff?


I have not made such calculations. I'm not saying you will save the planet by throwing away 1 newspaper, but it's a start.

As for where, I recently heard that 200 yrs of U.S. landfillage at the current rate of volume would only be 200 feet high by 30 mi by 30 mi. That's for the entire country.

Seems that if it's ok to dig up coal to power your computer and mine, it should be ok to bury some carbonaceous recyclables.

have not made such calculations.

-Is this actually going to achieve anything?


If I personally consume 1 ton of fossil fuels and bury 1 ton of carbonaceous stuff, things are in balance.

If I burn 1 ton of fossil fuels while recycling all carbonaceous stuff, like paper+ tree branches, then I have contributed to global warming.

That's about as simple a calculation as I can make.

If there are 1million people in your country (it would be a small one) and if you collectively consumed 1 million tonnes of "carbon" you'd have to source and bury 1 million tonnes of "carbonaceous stuff".
-Have you any ideas about doing that?


Shoot, a ton is nothin. It's not unusual to lift a ton of snow off the driveway every time it snows. (just to put it in perspective) Put another way, a ton per person is 40 lb per week. That's about 1 garbage bag.

It's not unusual to produce several bags of grass clippings from a suburban lawn every couple weeks.

I'm not sayin burying this stuff is THE singular solution, or anything. But landfill has been demonized. I'd like to see those grass clippings turned into alcohol fuel or somethin, if it's convenient and clean. But meanwhile...

A million tonnes is not nothin' though.
Where do people who live in cities bury stuff?


If it can be shipped thousands of miles to be recycled, and the recycled product shipped thousands of miles back to the consumer(burning fossil fuels to get there), then I think it can be hauled a few dozen miles to be buried in a landfill.

But feel free to recycle if you feel like it.

Buy lots of books, the intellligent carbon-sequestration process.

Phew! For a moment, I read buy as bury.


I wonder how many tonnes of books there actually are in the world's libraries?