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Reverse Graffiti Answered

The artist Moose creates graffiti on walls not by adding paint, but by removing dirt. He's been doing this for a few years now and he originally just used a sock, water, and a bit of soap. In this video we can see that he's moved on up to using a pressure washer and stencils to create 140-foot murals.

via Wooster Collective


sweet... and kinda disgusting comapring the old wall to new, clean wall

If you have had a picture hanging on a wall that was sunlit for a few months or years, removing the picture will reveal "clean" colors. Dirt is not necessarily dirty :-) Some of it may be oxidation, or bleaching because of the sun.

Absolutely rad !

This is amazing, I know a great place to do this on capital campus olympia. Can't wait


10 years ago

very original...

thinking outside of the box... at its best!!! kudos!