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Review: Sharir1701's Bushmaster M17S Answered

Sharir1701's M17S is truly a pretty gun. Even my mom said so, but it does have its draw backs. In this review, I am going to do my best to give you the pros and cons of this gun, so that you can decide weather to build it or not. Now, the gun might be somewhat outdated, but it is pretty cool all the same.

First off, let us talk about the cons, as those will really be the things you will really want to see.
Looks: He stated in the 'ible of his M17S that "this is my bushmaster m17s replica thats like 95% perfect as a replica..." but I quite disagree. The barrel area is not quite accurate. His is too thick, the barrel is WAY two small (though, I admit, with his setup it would be pretty hard  to edit that), his trigger guard is not quite curved enough, and the handle is curved way to far. The carrying handle is not high enough, and the attachment bar is too block like. The butt-stock area is horrid. it is not flat on top, it is WAY too big, and it does not have the right types of curves.
Mechanism: The mechanism does not always block the FP, and the safety does not always work. The mag lock is also a waste, as the mag stays in fine with out it.
Piece Consumption: This gun is VERY piece consuming, and took up almost all of my orange connecters, green rods, and dark grey connecters (even with my attempts at piece saving). This is not really a disadvantage to the gun its self, but just keep that in mind. I am sure there are MANY ways to fix this as a problem.

Now to the pros.
Looks: Looks good over all, but again, not very accurate. Comfy, and yet sturdy, this gun is not at all a wast of time!
Mechanism: The mechanism on this gun is FANTASTIC. I love the way it works, and the mech is quite effective (minus the disadvantage above). All of the mechs are easy, work great, and are VERY "smartly" done. Effective overall.
Range: Fantastic! With a couple rubber bands you have your self an effective gun!

Overall: This gun is so much fun to build and to mess around with. It's big, sturdy, has great range, has great mechs, and is just awesome overall. I would love to see this gun's mechs thrown into a concept gun/fake gun.

Hope this helps you out. And as always, rate, comment and subscribe!



5 years ago

oh btw, you should change the name to just sharir1701. the long name is useless and i regret changing my username to it, but it's irreversible... my "official" name is sharir1701 or just sharir.

Ah, I see. XD Late, yet again...but I have a good excuse. You don't show up when you write messages...its weird.


5 years ago

Thanks for posting this, but i think you may have exaggerated a bit and been over criticisive (i am guilty of doing the same in the past, true, but i am sorry for some things i said and try not to do so anymore). It does look quite accurate, at least, according to the pic i built it upon, which is in my instructable. I have never heard nor experienced any of the mechanism flaws you described, so it might be something you built slightly off or it may even be a flawed piece in your gun, as these simple plastic pieces do tend to wear out. About the stock's curves, the covering on top of the ram is quite bad, but the bottom part you didn't build exactly as i did, and in mine it's more accurate. Last thing, the scope or attachment thing isn't boxy at all, you just used 3-ways instead of 2-ways.

Anyway, thank you for posting this, but i would like you to perhaps look it over again and fix some of the things you stated above.

I really am sorry if I offended you, I did not mean to do so. The things I stated above were as I saw them, and I don't believe that I exaggerated or over criticized. I also did not mean this in retaliation of some of the things you have said to me, I meant them as informative...nothing more. Well, as to accuracy of the looks, I stated my thoughts. Simple as that. Well, I see what you are saying about the block, but I was describing the problems I had...see? Well, My stock is not EXACTLY like yours (one change) but yours is much too big, not flat on top, etc.

No problem. Well, I already broke it to make a G36K V2, so yeah. Thanks for looking this over. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could add to the pros of the gun? That would be great if you could help me out....

i'm not at all offended, and i know you meant well, but as i said, and as mikeasaurus said, it does seem overly critical. and i was also just addressing each of your points, not "attacking you" or anything.

i don't know, i guess it got good range (~45-55 feet average), some decent strength, and i just thought the mag release was really cool (btw, my mag didn't hold in without the catch, that's why i made it. maybe you put on more tape than i did... idk).

Yup, I see, no problem. Thanks for making comments! I know you were not attacking me, no problem.

Alright, I'll add some more to the Pros right now...*thumbs up*


5 years ago

Interesting idea, making and reviewing someone else's k'nex project . I can see by your Instructables that you've posted many of your own which lends weight to your review. I am a little confused about 2 things:
  1. Why would you start a review my listing the negatives? It gives the impression you are writing this review only to criticize. This is also visually apparent as your negatives list is twice as long as the positives.
  2. Since you've already taken the time to make his version, you may be better served by pointing out the shortcomings and then build/show an improvement based on his design.
I like the idea of peer review through building each other's shooters. How long did it take you to make based on his designs?

Wow, a comment from mikeasaurus! Well, I did not want to make an entire 'ible just as a review, so I decided to make it a forum topic. Made sens to me. Well yes, I have posted few 'ibles, but I don't consider many of them any good. I'll do my best to address your two thoughts below:

1. Well, I thought that those things would be the things people would really want to see, and if they were interested, then they would look at the rest. Simple newspaper trick...XD

2. I am not quite sure how to answer this one, as I am not sure weather it is a comment, question, or suggestion...?

I thought peer review was the best way to esteem my "colleague" sharir1701. XD How long did it take me to make the gun, or the forum topic? It took me about 2-3 hours to build the gun, and about 30 minutes to make the topic.

I hope this topic did not offend anyone...  :-S