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Revised TR8 review Answered

Ok, so I decided to rebuild it, and I found I got some stuff wrong


Stock: 8/10 Why: comfy
Handle: 8/10 Why: Comfy overall, but there is this spot where I get poked sometimes
Trigger: 9/10 Why: seems very reliable, It didnt break this time around (idk why, I built it the exact same way I did from last time), but when you remove the rubberbands, that green rod can fall out.
Barrel: 9/10 Why: works very well, but its a generic tube and stick
Turret: 10/10 Why: It works awesome with the rest of the gun.
Looks: 9/10 Why: looks tight, especially when loaded up with red rods, but the turret seems a bit out of place with the rest of the gun


Range: 10/10 Why: 90-100 feet flat (2 rubberbands)
Power: 10/10 Why: its the most powerful gun I have ever made. It can shoot through various heavy duty cardboard boxes with 2 rubberbands
Reliability: 8/10 Why: the turret is a very effective method for the repeater, however, it sometimes skips rounds, but rarely.
Innovation: 7/10 Why: nothing that new, except for the revolving mech and the trigger.

Recommendation: Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who doesnt want to use a bulky knexsayer, or a single shot in a knex war.

Final rating: 9/10


BOOOLT SLINGAAAR have you tried the mepainratchet on this gun?

How's that help? I want a closeup, not just a picture of a BR8 with that ratchet.

Well, I found another picture, I figured out how it works, however, I can't figure out that one connector that stops the ratchet from turning back to normal. Oh well, don't need it anyways.

the part that hangs out from the main body is grey con, then part of a hinge, then 3 ycons.

Ah, now I figured out how mepainratchet works.


9 years ago

Can you show me how much knex you have in a picture?

Didn't you have a slideshow of a ball machine posted?? Wasn't it a crank ball machine??

Ok. I was sure you posted one once, but I guess I was wrong. Sorry.

This is more like it. Just one question, What were you shooting?? I could never get the BR8 to shoot through paper let alone heavy duty cardboard.

Just did. Put a dent in it, but didn't go through. I guess you just have stronger RBs.

Can I see a picture of it as you were looking straight down on it?

SWEET! If you post before the end of the week I'll use it for my next war!