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Revised front page Answered

A victory for common sense: the front page stays still, is a sensible size and readable.
Well done.




7 years ago

THANK YOU for fixing the front page. The way you had it was really getting on my nerves. I even went away for a while just to get away from it. Please don't ever set up your front page or any page of yours that way again.

Again, THANK YOU!!!

Great to see our previous comments about the perpetual motion home page were noted and listened to. Apart from too much white space the latest layout is a vast improvement. My grateful thanks to all involved in making the change. Maybe a yellow ochre 'parchment' look to the background would work.

Yea this is a much improved version. I still feel there should be a little orange as it's so monocrome now, but I can live with it.

Either that or just in the header boxing in the instructables flag next to the robot.

I must be honest I have been avoiding the home page as much as possible for a couple of weeks, this is a great improvment I can even use it on my mobile again which was pretty much impossible with the last version.
I do agree with RedneckEngineer though it could do with a bit of colour.
Otherwise a great improvment.

I totally agree... it had been a little ADHD... have a look at this... no wait... this... over here... no over here... better now