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Reviving ancient laptop. Answered

I lost the battery to an old Sony Vaio. I'd like to use it again, maybe run Xubuntu on it, could you point me in the direction of a way to use a bunch of regular batteries to power it? I'd be very appreciative.


google or search "Sony vaio pcg-505". Lots of replacement batteries $30 to $99. You still need to get the power cable or power supply to charge it up. I guess you do not have that either.


9 years ago

You can get OEM laptop batteries remarkably cheap on ebay- that's how I revived my old Dell. I have no idea how "using a bunch of regular batteries" would go down with the laptop's battery management system, but I suggest getting a replacement battery as by far the easiest solution.

You could look up the specs on what the batteries supplied in terms of voltage and amperage. You can then hook it up with the correct polarity. Create a powerpack equivalent or just find/make the correct power supply/transformer with matching cable to plug in. Good luck.