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Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 3 Answered

"Necessity is the mother of all invention. Competition is the mother of all necessity." -Oblivitus

The Challenge: Build a weapon that can survive being dropped as many feet as possible without breaking (30 or 50 feet for example). You will need video proof for this (the best way to do it is probably to throw it up in the air, DON'T HIT ANYTHING). Remember that how well it fires is also very important in this competition.

1. You may enter as many knex weapons as you like.
2. You may not enter siege weapons.

Criteria (in order of importance)
-Performance (how well it fires)
-Innovation (how many feet it can be dropped from without breaking)
A weapon that was posted before the beginning of the contest will decrease its chances of winning.
Grass is fine for dropping the gun on. However, dropping the gun on a harder surface will score bonus points.
If the gun survives falling on more than one section (for example; on drop one it falls on its barrel, and on drop two it falls on its stock) the gun will score bonus points.

Deadline: August 1st.

Judging: I'll pick the winner.

Rewards: The winner will receive my 5 star rating on their slideshow or instructable. The real prize, however, is the satisfaction of winning. The winning weapon will be announced in a forum on or shortly after August 1st.

Entering The Contest: Post a link or photos of your weapon on this forum to enter.

I will be posting a new contest near the beginning of each month until further notice.


ill enter my new gun i guess :)

may i ask what a siege weapon is?also i know the prefect place to drop this 10 story buildin sounds like a good start...

A siege weapon is generally something that is made to destroy a structure. Catapults and trebuchets are siege weapons.

IAC's cannons wouldn't count. However, his handheld one would.

i have an entry, check mah account.

do the ram and push have to be on the gun when you throw it?

Hmm.. this isnt really a fair contest.

Some people may have restricted height, say, a second story window. Others may have an attic or a 3rd floor balcony to throw it off.


you could probably use the powerlines if you have some really high ones just string the gun up and get it over and just let got...but that also involves throwing it....possibly throwing it ar something to replicate the amount of falling force not sure how to measure it but it could work.

Maybe everyone could just throw it up in the air as far as they can?

Still not really fair though, some can throw higher than others.

Yeah, i guess... That is quite a problem.

https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Brick/ theres my entry as of now i might add some stuff to it..also should have a video this saturday in the evening hopefully from the building i want.

Is there a certain surface it needs to be dropped on?

Grass is fine for dropping the gun on. However, dropping the gun on a harder surface will score bonus points.

What does it have to be dropped on? Grass or tarmac/concrete?

Grass is fine for dropping the gun on. However, dropping the gun on a harder surface will score bonus points.


8 years ago

Wait so... Innovation is the measurement of how many feet it can be dropped without breaking? Lolwut?

Correct, the challenge is to design a gun that survives a drop, so it makes perfect sense.

You need better wording. Say "sturdiness and durability" instead of innovation.

Then innovation is an odd-chosen word. You should also consider how it's dropped: sideways, on the head, ... Has a very different impact on the structure.

If the weapon has an attachment like a bipod on it, will that be overlooked when judging?

Yes, but you'll get bonus points for one that survives a drop attached.

i would assume so but when i test mine im just gonna have the gun and nothing else on it. just to be safe.


8 years ago

id say an oodammo pistol would be good

I have the perfect idea.