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Revolver pictures Answered

Hey everybody! 

I going to make a revolver replica...thing.  I need pictures.  If anyone has pictures of a .357 magnum next to a ruler along with the cylinder,handgrip,barrel?

I need the dimensions of everything,and length of barrel,cylinder,gun overall I need mesurements that you would give a gunsmith.



Ps:its for a half life project ;)


Well in Half Life it's a .357 colt Python. There were several barral lengths such as 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches, but in Half Life, it is a 6 inch. You can tell because it has three, I guess you could call them "vents" above the barrel. Thats all I know, but I'm sure you could Google it to find more information. Good Luck!

Do you have full measuremens? or a template? Im gonna make it out of wood.