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Rewiring my house to reduce electricity consumption Answered

I am getting ready to rewire my house and want to do so in such a manner that a motion detector or timer shuts down most of the outlets in a room so that the phantom use of electricity or the abuse of same by teens is reduced (I am being realistic here). The Electrician thinks I am short a few bricks of a load so to speak. Lights he understands, plug load nada. I've seen something similar done in Europe when traveling where your hotel room powered down when you weren't in it and powered up with your key card in the slot when you were in it. I want to shut off all the power in the room when it is empty during periods of sleep except for one outlet which would power the clock/lamp and of course fire alarms. Help me out here.


You might want to find another electrician, one who specializes in building automation, there is even IP addressable switches, Circuit breakers. And honestly controlling a plug is not hard at all, there is lots of companies making automation devices, Lithona's Synergy system is the first one to pop into my mind, and LUMISYS... And even security companies are starting to catch up and offer home automation, so you might want to give them a call and see if they can help, Honeywell has several Whole house controlling systems (( They even do huge buildings )) Even leviton makes a PIR based motion switch for a single gang box no other controller is need it switches a full 1875 watts at 120 volts AC... It stays on so long as there is movement in front of the sensor and you can adjust the delay from a few seconds to 30 mins.... There is even an override right on the front of the switch... The one I bought for the bathroom light it was only $18 CDN at big box hardware store... And in the Teens room you can get X-10 remote controlled plugs (( they sell them in Radio Shack, and the remote, mine is just like a universal TV remote )) and you can sit in your living room watching tv and you may of noticed this, teenagers don't always come when called, but when you press that remote button and there video game system and TV turns off it's strange they just come running (( if only the mute button would shut them up ))

I just use power strip with switch and use the switch on the back of the computer to turn it off when not in use and thats what I suggest to you too If you want you can wire the electronics to any light switch and locate it where you want Choose switch that is capable of the load (Amp) you have makes fast sharp click - they have less arcing when switching and wear less themselfes and whatever powered thru them

How about if you turn off the breakers to the kids' rooms and make them buy their own batteries for their alarm clocks and radios?

I've seen that too, in the hotels. The only thing is, when you have electronics in a room, and all that, you don't want everything shut down when you leave the room for a snack. It might be a better idea to do as the hotels do and have a separate switch that cuts the power to most outlets whenever you leave or go to bed.

That's how I've got: one switch that runs all but one outlet in the room, and a few power strips on that one outlet. I'm sure if I used all the plugs that I would cause a housefire or at least a very rude breaker flip, but I keep most of them plugged with those child protectors so as not to tempt myself. Each layer of the electronics "tree" (amp above CD player, vcr above cable box above TV) gets its own strip, so that I can hit a button and have all the unneeded things turned off. Then when I want everything off, I flip the wall switch and the first strip, and it shuts down the whole room. So I can keep my cable box, A/V amp, and TV on to watch a movie or a race, and turn off the rest of my electronics.

You could simply have him wire up all your outlets to light switches. These don't have to be the same switches that control the room light. Then you have a breaker right on the wall, and it should be something your electrician understands. We've got a few of these, and they are easy to use. Of course, they still require a human being remember to flip the switch.

. The presence sensor should be an off-the-shelf item; either an IR or U/S based unit will probably work. The rest is just wiring - if your electrician can't figure it out, you need a new electrician. You may need to use relays to handle the loads, if your presence sensors won't carry it. . Or just wire the outlets to the light switch (might have to do some searching to find a switch that will handle full load on multiple outlets). . BTW, most US residential duplex receptacles are rated for 15A (~1800W) (there are "heavy-duty" 20A units, but you don't usually see those in houses). You need to design the system to handle full rated load from all receptacles at once. Slight overkill, but will lessen the chance of burning your house down.