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Rgb led strip music controller? Answered

Hey I got  an analog rgb led strip and I want to control it with arduino as the music on my pc. I see in internet that some people do it with possessing and some use the audio cable. Please any one help me with circuit and code (I am noob at codeing!) to make a music control rgb  led strip.


There are a large selection of possible projects to look at on the right here.


I already show them but cant find correct answer for me. And in every projects mosfets are used. Can any one tell me what is model no of mosfets?

If you look in the Ible that Iceng pointed to you, its a G1003A, surface mounteed Mosfet. You can find any logic level N channel mosfet, in a local electronics store

Ok I will use IRFZ44. I found one handy in components I buy one to do some other project I see its datasheet and I think it is perfect for led strip! But still how to control them with music

Depends what you mean. The simplest method is to follow the sound volume.

Is their is any software to control rgb leds from windows with muli function like fade, music etc

Not brilliant, but if its all you can get, go for it.

OK I understand that how to connect the strip with arduino ( I already read about this I think!). But which mosfets I use??? And I think I dont need that android part here.

Tell me step 2

Thanks for you answer , but I just want to control the color of only one rgb led strip with arduino. Please help