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Ribbon Cutting at Pier 9 Answered

Yesterday (Thursday September 12th) was the official ribbon cutting at Pier 9.  There were many people in attendance including Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

In Instructables' tradition of being nontraditional, the ribbon was made of metal and cut by Carl with a grinder.

Tours were given after the official cutting to those who haven't yet experienced the awesomeness of our workshop!

Read some more in the article on San Francisco Business Times.


Dear Ms. Bulnick,
Congratulations for very interesting work. Wishing all the best.

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I wish I was there...

Same here. The after party must have been EPIC

I don't see "Instructables" anywhere in the story...?

Noah's "How To Kiss" came up in the mayor's speech. :D

What, no demonstrations?

See a preceding article (from February), which describes what the new Pier 9 complex is "going to" include:

Located in the new Pier 9 space, Bradshaw said, will be ... and the Instructables unit, which maintains a web site on which 3.5 million users have posted 90,000 do-it-yourself projects ranging from gardening to robotics.

Despite my Instructables bias, I think the most interesting of Autodesk's projects at Pier 9 is the 3D printing of biological structures (a partnership with Organovo in San Diego).