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Looking for plans to build a single rider rail-bike from an existing bicycle, either for male or female.  Need plans for outrigger, guide wheels, counterbalance, etc.  
NOTE: Use of such a vehicle on active railroad property is illegal and subject to Federal punishment unless official authorization is granted by the respective railroad transportation company.


Google provides enough images for "rail bike" that you should be able to work something out for yourself that matches the materials and skills you have available.

rail_bike copy.jpeg

And a few seconds' searching from that image brought me to this modern version;


Thanks here for this biking site. Very interesting brief article on the rail bike. Can imagine some road crossings that are entirely covered in road material and any switch frogs would be troublesome. No doubt, looks like dismount and walk only. I like the looks of the outrigger's polyurethane wheel and use of another fork in front . Thanks again!

Thanks! I hadn't yet tried that site so will do so.