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Ridiculous and lovely wooden sphere Answered

Over at Make: Blog, George Hart shows that if you put a challenge out there, no matter how crazy, someone might just do it. So 15 years after he made some plans for a theoretical sphere made with 480 wooden pieces and 960 connections, someone actually built it. In this case it was Thomas Guethner of Trostberg, Germany. It's a ridiculous project to take on, but I'm happy that he did it, the results look great!

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Awesome, we made a dome out of hula hoops the other day for an art project, sadly no pics...  

A bit of dirt wormed its way throughout the phone and ended up inside the camera lens, rendering only slightly more useless than original, it was evening by the time it was done so was going to be hopeless... Hopefully the press will have some photos though... 

Just check out the international news crew, I think I saw it on over here in Australia just the other day so they should have it.

After all, it is big news.

Now just scale it up using wooden pallets and walk inside it.. Anyone up for the challenge?

Because I'm doing a billion other projects right now, and I'm in school currently, but most of all I'd have no place to store it if I built it : /.. That and my mom would destroy me..

That would be great, except for the fact that my attic is already full of my parents's old stuff and if I was going to build it big enough to walk inside of, it wouldn't fit in there : /

My attic must be a little bigger than yours. Damn!

I always built all my illigitemate items up there, away from prying eyes.


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Fungus, looks like it should be George Hart, not Gareth....

Once it is completely assembled, it looks like you could remove the fasteners without it falling apart.

It looks that way... They all seem to overlap, but good luck trying to get him to take it apart.