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Ridiculously high quality images Answered

Here is a website that offers, amongst other things, a 16 bilion pixel view of "The Last Supper".

I need a new camera...



10 years ago

The OP link times out for me...

You can make your own super hi resolution photos: here's a freeware photo-mosaic program called Autostitch, better than many commercial products.

The executable (Windoz only, sorry) expires periodically, so if you like it save the link, too.

Ooh thanks for that. The above photo uses an interface similar to that of google maps, otherwise it's too big. You can see every crack in the paint though, it's amazing.

Ok, the link worked this time, maybe it was being slashdotted or something earlier...that is cool.

It was on BBC news, so it probably got bogged down.