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Canadianammo+OMEN XR=Rifled barrel. Answered

Thanks to CJ81499 for finding this out.  Well, he managed to make my gun shoot like it had a rifled barrel (FYI, a rifled barrel spins the ammo horizontally for more areodynamics), so now I have the first knex gun with a rifled barrel that shoots well. 


More details in the link.


Is it spinning lengthwise, or sideways? With just "horizontally", I'm imagining the ammo flipping over itself.

Anyways, to use the word rifled correctly, I think the term "has a rifled effect" is best.

Well, Imagine how a real bullet fires.  Its not flipping, its spinning.


8 years ago

 At the speeds that knex bulletes are shot, having them spin decreases the range and accuracy instead of increasing them as it would do in a real gun.

Well, I'm just saying that it got a rifled barrel for the knexers who DO want to see a gun with a rifled barrel like oblivitus or NYPA

But it doesn't have a rifled barrel, it just spins the ammo.

Well, isn't that what a rifled barrel is supposed to do?

"Rifling is the process of making spiral grooves in the barrel of a gun or firearm, which imparts a spin to a projectile around its long axis."
From wikipedia.  Your barrel does not have spiral grooves in it, therefore it is not a rifled barrel, even though it does in fact spin the ammo.

I think that just spinning the ammo should make it rifled in knex terms, just like knex semi autos are not gas powered, or knex bolt actions don't have lifting actions.  They do the same thing as the real gun, but it uses a different method to achieve the effect.

No, rifling is a specific term to describe the helix on the bore of a weapon, which imparts a spin in the round.  Not the other way around.  A projectile spins because of rifling, but a round spinning does not mean the barrel is rifled.

 Rifling has nothing to do with the bullet though.  Rifling is what is done to the barrel.  Spinning the ammo is called spinning the ammo. Not rifling.

Again, let's just say it is a knex definition of rifled barrel.  Screw the real definition.

In that case you could bluntly call finned rods rifled because they make them spin.

I'll use the term "Pseudo rifled" for those.

Agreed with Jollex.  At this speed, with a big tip like a red connector, you are just creating unnecessary drag.

I'm gonna build the omen XR right away!


8 years ago

I didn't get that. I built it and used Canadammo the whole time. Never spun. Ever.
It shoots fairly straight, but it doesn't spin.

Make sure the 2 sides of the red connectors are touching the 2 white rods on the top of the barrel like CJ does in the video.

I know. That's how the gun is supposed to be built. I don't believe him.

I do.  The red connectors are touching the white rods in such a way that the ammo would spin to free itself.