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Right Transistor for a apx. 50watt H-bridge? Answered

Currently i am trying to make an Arduino UNO R3 control a 50 Watt (12 volts @ 4 amps) motor with an H bridge and use the Pulse width modulation on the Arduino to control the transistors. However i don't know what would be the best choice for transistors? Also I am new to this so can some also explain how transistors are named?



Best Answer 6 years ago

I would go for a Mosfet transistor thats able to deliver at least 6A continuously and an higher peak value (based on your motors characteristics). You should also chose one with a low Rds_on Value (see the mosfet data sheet), if you dont know whats this or why it is important try to do some research about calculating loss power on mosfets. You can search and filter the mosfet that best suits you on most distributors Online sites.
Also, if you are using arduino there are some good motor shields available. Not the official motor shield.. take a look at pololu site(bit expensive too).

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try IRL540 mosfets.
what do you meant by how are they named?

Good device selection
for the motor application.
36A or 26A @ 100ºC low RDS, 100V and able to go 120A pulsed, with
Logic Gate Drive that can deliver 15A @ Arduino 4V makes a great fit.



6 years ago

Each manufacturer uses some reason in numbering their semiconductors.

You can find a site that outlines a brand naming ritual on your own.
Gone are the days of the 2Nxxxx designations across manufacturers
boundaries for power devices...